Canada Takes Notice of the Rangers

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If you have ever wondered how rivalries are born, see the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays. This is a rivalry, and a good one. As the Rangers celebrated another wonderfully dramatic win on Tuesday night, Toronto was watching, closely. Recall that the Rangers came from behind twice in the game and once again lived the “never ever quit” hashtag. The game ended on a Rougned Odor walk-off two run homer and the place went nuts. Jeff Banister did what Banny does, he celebrated the dramatic conclusion with his players. Some in Toronto took offense.

Sid Seixerro of the Sid and Tim show produced a video criticizing Rougie and Banny for

(you can watch the video here)

Poor Sid. Do you suppose he’s forgotten that the Blue Jays actually beat the Rangers last year in the playoffs?  The truth is, he’s on his high horse for one reason and one reason only – the punch! Thank you Rougie. When Rougned delivered that right to the chin of Joey Bats, the Rangers took the upper hand in the rivalry. Forget that fact that the Jays won last year when it mattered most. The Blue jays now fear the Rangers and their toughness and their resolve.

I like Sid’s rant because it helps foster this rivalry, but Sid, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. Sid says that, “Joey Baustista was crucified for what he did,” and accuses Banny and the Rangers of, “throwing stones in glass houses against Jose.” Maybe it is a Canadian thing, but he butchered that cliché. The truth is the Rangers have said very little about what Bautista did in Game 5 last year. They let everyone else talk about it. Then the Rangers went out and proved this cliché, “actions speak louder than words.”

Is it just me or does the Sid rant sound like an inferiority complex? He is also upset about the way our guys reacted to their 30th one-run win of the season on Tuesday night. “Jeff Banister was jumping around on August 30th like he’s just won the World Series. Like you’re a champion. Let me tell you something Jeff,” Sid ranted and turned from the camera in a poorly executed dramatic pause. “It’s August!” he shouted which means you cannot celebrate a big win I guess. After a win like that what are you supposed to do turn and walk to the clubhouse? It is called emotion Sid and it fuels things like momentum and runs and championships.

Still I have no problem with the Canadians talking, chirping even ranting. It is going to make it that much sweeter if these two teams meet again in the playoffs. The Rangers took the Blue Jays milk money the last time they met on the field. And call them bullies if you want, but my money is on the team that won the last fight.  Sorry Sid.

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