Video Wednesday – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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It’s been a while since we delivered our videos of the week, so we might be a bit overdue.  But here’s what’s happening in the world of YouTube:

The Good

Last Sunday Angel’s center fielder Mike trout made a young fan’s day…..or week, or year…. when he took some time pre-game to sign a few autographs. It only took him a few seconds to do so, but the joy he gave a kid is immeasurable.

The Bad

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before here in Dallas, but it sure is bad news for the Cowboys and their fans…Tony Romo going down with another injury. This time it’s a compression fracture to the L1 vertebra in his back putting him out of commission 6-10 weeks. This isn’t Romo’s first back injury, and I’m not sure what the long-term consequences will be for him (and his teammates are saying all the right things) – but we have a bad feeling about this one. Explain again why he was playing in a meaningless pre-season game?

The Ugly

Just when you think it couldn’t get any uglier in Waco, another member of the Baylor football team shows us they actually have no ceiling when it comes to vile behavior. Here is Bears’ receiver Ishmael Zamora shown beating his dog mercilessly because the poor dog had an accident in his room. His punishment from the “powers that be” at Baylor?  A piddly three game suspension. Those three games? A trio of cupcakes – Northwestern State, SMU and Rice. Oh, just coincidentally he’ll be back for the 4th game of the season when Baylor finally plays a real team  – Oklahoma State.

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