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The Stars sit at 3-1-2 and have been on a bit of an early season roller coaster. In the last three games they’ve had a last-minute comeback win at Pittsburgh, an overtime loss to Philly in which they gave up a two-goal third period lead, and then a 6-3 win over Vancouver in which they were outshot 46-28. So just how good is this 2014-15 version of the Dallas Stars? For answers we went to FOX Sports SW analyst, former Stars defenseman and two-time Stanley Cup winner Craig Ludwig:


Benn and Seguin are two of the top forwards in the league

ScoreBoardTX: So Luds I know its early, but what do you make of this team in a nutshell?
Craig Ludwig: Obviously this team can score some goals and will this year. But I think it will need to have some better balance between the offensive side of the game and playing a better defensive game, not leaning so much on their goaltenders.

ScoreBoardTX: Put on your GM hat for a minute – what would you be looking for to improve this team? What areas need to get better?
Ludwig: You just need to look at the last few Stanley Cup winners  – they all had a Selke (best defensive forward) caliber forward and a Norris (best defenseman) caliber defensemen….but there are 25 other teams that would like those types of players – they’re not that easy to acquire.

ScoreBoardTX: Now I’m going to ask you to put on your prognosticator hat – predictions for where the Stars will end up in the Central Division and the Western Conference? Do they make the playoffs?
Ludwig: Yes they make the playoffs…I feel if they’ll tighten their game up they can finish 3rd in the the division and in the top 6 in the conference.

ScoreBoardTX: Who do you see as the Stars main competition this year?
Craig Ludwig: Themselves.

ScoreBoardTX: How about the East?  Who are the teams to beat over there?
Craig Ludwig: Montreal and Tampa should be contenders and I think Washington could be the surprise team this year.


Victor E. Green

ScoreBoardTX: Give me your top 5 forwards in the league – how do Benn and Seguin measure up?
Craig Ludwig: Anze Kopitar, Patrice Bergeron, Ryan Getzlaf, Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews…Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are right there in the mix. So are Steven Stamkos and Corey Perry.

ScoreBoardTX: Most dangerous duo?
Craig Ludwig: Getzlaf and Perry are pretty deadly.

ScoreBoardTX: Prediction for the Finals this year?
Craig Ludwig: Anaheim vs Tampa Bay.

ScoreBoardTX: And the Cup winner?
Craig Ludwig: Ducks.

ScoreBoardTX: Finally what are your thoughts on the Stars new mascot Victor E. Green?
Craig Ludwig: Nice to see Modano back on the ice again…

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