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Entire NFL Still Looking Up at The Pats

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To the Dallas Cowboys — and 30 other NFL teams — this Super Bowl was about “what could’ve been.’’ And Dallas can actually look forward to Super Bowl LII armed with the knowledge that they are 9/1 favorites to make it to the big game, the second-best odds of anybody.

The team with the best odds? It’s the only one of the NFL teams that doesn’t today think about “what could’ve been.’’ For New England, 34-28 winners over Atlanta in the first overtime in Super Bowl history, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and maybe the greatest game in Super Bowl history, this is about what was, what is, and what will forevermore be,

With the Patriots trailing by 25 points and Tom Brady throwing so many errant passes that Lady Gaga had to climb on Houston’s NNNN Stadium roof to … Read More »

Reverse Barometer: Championship Sunday

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Yes, it’s Wednesday, but it’s never too early to get the Reverse Barometer out for a good solid look at the NFL Conference Championship games this weekend. And since we here at ScoreBoard nailed both Clemson’s National Championship and the Packers’ win at the Cowboys last Sunday, you may want to listen up. Or not. We’re on a roll but we’re also due for a loss, so read ahead at your own peril.

For those of you who are still drowning your sorrows in the Cowboys’ loss, get over it. Aaron Rodgers has done that to a few teams over the years. Time to look ahead.

Packers at Falcons – NFC Championship

The biggest question is “will Jordy Nelson be back?” Guess what? It may not matter. When Rodgers is throwing the pill, he turns the ordinary receivers into stars. Did you see … Read More »

Cowboys Watch as Odds Matter

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IRVING – The Cowboys watch, work and wonder about things that might have been. Meanwhile the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers are gearing up for Sunday’s conference championship games. Both are favorites to advance to Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium.

Dallas played home games against both teams this year. Against New England in week five at AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys tried to step forward, while missing both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, but ultimately couldn’t hang with Tom Brady and company, and the visiting Patriots pulled away winning by a lopsided final of 30-6.

In week eleven, it was the visiting Panthers, and Dez and Romo were both back in uniform. But they weren’t themselves. Romo threw a trio of interceptions before sustaining a second in-season break to his collarbone, essentially ending whatever slim hope Dallas had of remaining in … Read More »

Cowboys Offense No Match For Pats

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ARLINGTON – Yesterday at AT&T Stadium the Patriots were good enough to put on a clinic. And the Cowboys were sick enough to be admitted to one. Sunday’s 30-6 Cowboys’ home loss to undefeated New England was predictable in many senses, starting with the fact that Tom Brady and company are superior to Brandon Weeden and company. The Cowboys defense – led by the dynamic efforts of Sean Lee and the now unsuspended Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain — contested that notion for a time. But even a battered Brady bests a Dallas offense struggling to keep its head above water without weapons like Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Lance Dunbar.

“With where our offense is, our defense is expected to get it done, no matter how many snaps we have to play,’’ cornerback Mo Claiborne told me. “We didn’t get … Read More »

Hump Day Sports Thoughts

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No Harm, No Foul

To see the Bengals’ Adam “Pacman” Jones this past Sunday tackle Raiders’ prized rookie receiver Amari Cooper, jump on his chest, rip off his helmet, and then grab his head with both hands and slam it down on the helmet was….well….disturbing. But to hear the NFL will not suspend Jones for his actions is even more disturbing. But wait there’s more.

Part two of the new “lenient” league was on display after the Dolphins/Redskins game, where Miami’s bad-boy Ndamukong Suh tackled Washington RB Alfred Morris, stood up, took a couple of steps and then proceeded to kick Morris’ helmet off of his head. Again, no suspension for Suh. Now realize these two “antagonists” are anything but model citizens in the league, both being repeat offenders for various offenses. But still no games will be missed by either of … Read More »

Young Eyes Disillusioned

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“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” John Wooden, the man Sporting News named “the greatest coach of all time,” said in reference to the perseverance and internal fortitude it took to win the hard games. For me, however, this quote also serves as a reminder that while tough games can reveal character on the playing field, court or rink, true character is just as important when not in uniform. This article is essentially my lamentation of the loss of the pureness of sports to me once the “human element” became involved.

I’m 20 years old, and 16 of those years have been spent fully obsessed with sports. One of my earliest memories is when I was four years old and made sure that my parents recorded a New York Islanders game (despite being a Devils fan with no interest … Read More »

I’ll Stick With Montana

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The latest and greatest sports talk radio and water cooler debate this past week centered on whether or not Tom Brady now deserves to be called the greatest quarterback to have ever played the game. Four Super Bowl wins (with three Super Bowl MVPs) and two NFL League MVPs (2007 and 2010) certainly warrant him being a legitimate contender for the title, and Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, among many others, thinks his QB now has earned the belt. In the afterglow of their Super Bowl victory Edelman pronounced, “My opinion, Tom’s the best quarterback to ever be on this planet. He’s won four Super Bowls in the salary-cap era. He’s been in six. He’s played with a whole bunch of different guys. I don’t know how you can argue that. You can’t just go out and buy Super Bowls these … Read More »

Manning Shines as Broncos Advance

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The much anticipated showdown between two of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks never developed Sunday as Peyton Manning and the Broncos dominated Tom Brady and the Patriots from start to finish in a 26-16 AFC Championship match up victory. The Broncos built their lead to 20 early in the fourth quarter (and it really didn’t feel that close) as Manning was nearly perfect throughout, completing 32-of-43 for 400 yards, two touchdowns with no picks while running the Broncos offense to precision. Brady on the other hand missed several open receivers early in the game and never really seemed to hit his stride despite throwing for 277 yards on 24 of 38 passing. Manning was in complete control of the Broncos offense, carving up the Patriots D like a gifted surgeon with a combination of crossing routes, swing passes and sideline … Read More »