Super Bowl

Get Ready For a Hotlanta Celebration

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It’s Super Bowl week and that means a week of hoopla like no other. Sandwiched around the actual game are parties, parties and more parties…celebrities appearing everywhere, over the top television commercials, ridiculously extravagant half-time shows…and of course big-time (and crazy) betting. This year you can bet on what Luke Bryant will be wearing when he sings the National Anthem. You can wager on who Donald Trump says will win the game. You can put your money down on what color you think Lady Gaga’s hair will be when she performs the half-time show. Or on how many times Giselle Bundchen (Mrs. Tom Brady) will be shown during the broadcast. Oh and of course you can bet on the actual outcome of the game – and as of now the Patriots are 3 point favorites. They have Brady, Bill Belichick … Read More »

Ware Reaches Peak With Broncos

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Two years ago, the Cowboys made a personnel decision that Jerry Jones told me was among the most difficult of his quarter-of-a-century in Dallas. He parted ways with DeMarcus Ware, who was deemed “too expensive” despite the fact that his career in Dallas was Hall of Fame worthy, and despite the fact that the class with which he conducted himself made him a Jones family favorite.

The parting was difficult for Ware, too. When he decided to sign with the Broncos, he told me with some sadness that he will be leaving his two young children here in DFW and that he hopes that “someday they would understand why daddy had to go to work a thousand miles away.”

Chances are, Super Bowl 50 will help them understand.

“I would just say that there’s a sense of  ‘I have arrived,’ just being a … Read More »

I Want to Care Again

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One and zero. Those are my numbers on the Super Bowl square sheet. Not bad right? I mean 21-10 seems like a reasonable possibility. Just one problem, though –  Denver would need to have the 21 and Carolina the 10 – and I don’t see that happening. I would like it to happen, in fact I would like it to be the score at the end of every quarter. But the truth is I don’t really care who wins the game – and I hate that. I want to care.

It seems that the further removed the Cowboys get from this game, the less interested I become in it. Someone asked the other day, “who you got in the Super Bowl?” I did not have an answer for him. Six days out and I had not really thought about it. Since … Read More »

Cardinals LB Calls Out Lynch

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Maybe it had to come from another NFL player before I wanted to say what I’ve been thinking for the past couple of weeks. Watching the NFL playoffs unfold, a couple of story-lines began to dominate the headlines and airwaves. Certainly “Deflategate” took on a life of its own and became the symbol of making a mountain out of a mole hill. We’ll possibly get to the bottom of that life-changing controversy by the time Tom Brady is a grandfather. The other subject that you couldn’t get away from no matter what hole you climbed out from, was Marshawn Lynch and his refusal to talk with the media.

First and foremost, don’t be fooled by Lynch and his immature behavior around reporters, he ate it up with a spoon. But more to the point I agree with Arizona Cardinals linebacker Larry … Read More »

Lynch Needs to Grow Up

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I’m just writing this column so I won’t get fined. I don’t want to write this article, I’d rather be doing something constructive like playing video games or listening to music or taking a nap, but I’m writing so I won’t get fined. I know a lot of people might like to write about sports and even get paid to do it, but that’s not really my bag. I just happened to fall into this gig and part of the deal says that I have to write, so I’m doing that again, so I won’t get fined.

I may not be Frank Caliendo but that’s a pretty good impression of Marshawn Lynch. Lynch, as we all know, is the extremely talented and incredibly immature running back for the Seattle Seahawks. For the past few years he’s made almost as big a … Read More »

ScoreBoard Super Bowl Trivia

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Ok, we admit that was one of the most boring Super Bowls to watch on record (unless of course you’re a Seahawks fan). So while we were wondering what we were missing on Family Guy Sunday night, we thought we’d rattle off a few trivia questions for our readers:

1) Seattle won the Super Bowl in their second try.  What nine franchises have won the Super Bowl in their first try?

A) Packers, Jets, Steelers, 49ers, Bears, Giants, Ravens, Buccaneers, Saints.

2) Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith was only the 3rd linebacker to claim a Super Bowl MVP – name the other two.

A) Ray Lewis of Baltimore in 2001, and Chuck Howley of Dallas in 1971.

3) Which future Super Bowl winning head coach caught a touchdown pass from Roger Staubach in Super Bowl VI?

A) Mike Ditka

4) The Seahawks are the 4th team to beat … Read More »

Cowboys Glimpse into Their Future

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The Cowboys saw last night what they need to become.  And by Cowboys, of course I mean Jerry Jones. The Seahawks are a young, brash team with an older, brash coach. The Cowboys, on the other hand are an older, confused team with a young, confused coach. In other words, other than playing in the same league, the Cowboys are no where near being in Seattle’s league. But all is not lost. The NFL is most assuredly a copy cat league, so all the Cowboys need to do is watch a bunch of film on Seattle and they’ll know what they have to become.

First, the need to establish an identity. If you want to follow the Seahawks then it’s all about the defense. That defense completely shutdown and utterly confused Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense. It’s a good place … Read More »

10 Very Important Questions For Craig Ludwig

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ScoreBoard sat down recently with former Stars defensemen and current Fox Sports SW analyst Craig Ludwig to get his thoughts on the Stars playoff chances, the Super Bowl and life in general.

ScoreBoard: The Stars are currently sitting in the 11th spot in the Western Conference after 54  games. Are you expecting a playoff appearance this year?

Ludwig: It will be tough to end the playoff drought this year. With teams that are 6 points or more out of a spot at Thanksgiving (Stars were 7 points out) only about 10% of them find a way to get in. The good news is some of teams ahead of them are having their own issues; the Wild, Canucks, Coyotes and Kings haven’t been able to pull away from the pack so there is still hope. I think the last spot will need about … Read More »

Location, Location, Location

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Some Places are Simply Better for Super Bowls Than Others

I walked out of the stadium tunnel and gazed in amazement at the scene before me.  The field was bright green, the sky bright blue, the palm trees swayed in the subtle breeze.  I made some sort of guttural sound indicating that I approved of this spectacular scene.   The guy standing next to me in the end zone said, “they ought to play the Super Bowl here every year.”  I turned to my right and saw that it was the national anthem singer at Super Bowl XXVII standing next to me, it was Garth Brooks.  I have never been a huge fan of his music but I was completely on board with Garth’s opinion.

I mentioned in a previous column that Super Bowl XXVII is still my favorite but since it was … Read More »

Manning Shines as Broncos Advance

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The much anticipated showdown between two of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks never developed Sunday as Peyton Manning and the Broncos dominated Tom Brady and the Patriots from start to finish in a 26-16 AFC Championship match up victory. The Broncos built their lead to 20 early in the fourth quarter (and it really didn’t feel that close) as Manning was nearly perfect throughout, completing 32-of-43 for 400 yards, two touchdowns with no picks while running the Broncos offense to precision. Brady on the other hand missed several open receivers early in the game and never really seemed to hit his stride despite throwing for 277 yards on 24 of 38 passing. Manning was in complete control of the Broncos offense, carving up the Patriots D like a gifted surgeon with a combination of crossing routes, swing passes and sideline … Read More »