Playoff Participation Ribbon

Reverse Barometer: A Big Season Finale

Posted on December 27th, by Rob Scichili in All. No Comments

Good news for you Eagles fans out there – Reverse Barometer is calling a Cowboys win on Sunday and a return to the playoffs. Yes, it’s the kiss of death; those familiar with the Barometer calls over the years surely know.

Why in the world I pick them? Philadelphia is favored by 6.5 points, a number that ballooned up when news that Tony Romo may not play. The Cowboys are notorious for season-ending disasters. A win means they get a playoffs participation ribbon (Wade would be so proud). A loss means they stay home. Again.

Barometer says, “ribbons for everyone.” And here are a few reasons why:

The Team Rally: Romo is out. He had surgery on Friday morning and is out for the rest of the season. Kyle Orton will be playing quarterback. While that might not comfort many Cowboys fans who … Read More »