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Weird is the New Norm For Romo

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PHILADELPHIA – The Cowboys didn’t mess around by playing select key starters in this “Preseason-in-January’’ visit to Philly. But Tony Romo — who took his first regular-season snaps of the season for Dallas on Sunday when he entered the game for Dak Prescott on the Cowboys’ third possession — didn’t mess around, either.

“It felt good,” said Romo of his performance in Dallas’ 27-13 loss. “Weirdly, you kind of expect (success) when you go out there.”

Romo completed three of four passes for 29 yards, including a TD pass to Terrance Williams to give the Cowboys a 10-3 lead in the second quarter. On his first snap, he threw deep but incomplete. But he did complete three passes to lead the Cowboys to a score, aided by an Eagles pass interference call on a nice deep ball to Dez Bryant.

Following his short … Read More »

Cowboys Drama Nothing New

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ARLINGTON – I literally said this right to the face of the despicable Skip Bayless, a quarter of a century ago, when he was just beginning to carve out what would be his highly-profitable but soul-less existence as a sports media charlatan: “Why do you need to make up fake stories about drama inside the Cowboys,’’ I said to him, “when there is so much real drama to write about?’’

My philosophy holds true at this moment, as you can imagine, with the late-night events on Sunday at AT&T Stadium, where “Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz” and “Prescott vs. Romo’’ and “bounties’’ and accusations against Ezekiel Elliott and challenges to a less-than-accomplished Dallas defense and gaffes by the Cowboys special teams and the return of Dez Bryant and the records of Jason Witten were just some of the story lines emerging … Read More »

The Cowboys’ Secret

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Over recent years, we’ve had fun with “Jerry Poppins” — the personality that comes out when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wishes to shove a spoonful of sugar down the throats of Cowboys fans — while always being able to then move down the hall to visit with Stephen Jones, Jerry’s more-grounded-in-reality son, who is also the COO here and in many regards the team’s GM.

Oh, Stephen can also talk in colorful catchphrases; he promised the Cowboys had “the secret sauce” a few seasons ago and it was no secret at all that Dallas finished 8-8, as it did three times straight earlier in this decade. But usually, while Jerry’s buoyant optimism (and unbridled salesmanship) puts a rosy spin on everything, Stephen takes a more conservative and stoic view.

So what to make of Stephen’s pronouncement this week that as it regards … Read More »

Cowboys Missing Key Components

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IRVING – The Cowboys begin a mandatory minicamp this week and while coaches always preach that they want to only talk about the players who are actually present, there is an important story line that features a handful of Cowboys who probably won’t participate – and one Cowboy who remains purposefully in limbo.

Dallas linebacker Sean Lee, cornerback Orlando Scandrick and safety Barry Church are all rehabbing from surgeries. When last seen, they spent Thursday serving as Cowboys “coaches” at Cowboys U, a charity event at Valley Ranch that features a touch football game for area high schoolers.

Lee was a Pro Bowler last year but says his most prominent memory of 2014 is the Cowboys’ 4-12 record. He’s not participating in OTA’s after having arthroscopic surgery on his knee in April and won’t work in this week’s mini-camp. But Lee is … Read More »

Why Jerry Can Task the Risks

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IRVING – The narrative that will not die: Jerry Jones runs the Dallas Cowboys personnel department in a way that reflects his fondness for shiny toys and his background as an oil-and-gas wildcatter. In reflecting on a trio of Dallas’ most notable selections in this weekend’s NFL Draft, the narrative will not die…because there is some truth in it.

Ezekiel Elliott in the first round, Jaylon Smith in the second round and then, all the way down to the sixth round, Rico Gathers, are all Cowboys for an assortment of different reasons. And those reasons go well beyond the fact that each of them is a heck of a story. But there is a Jerry-related thread that runs through all three tales.

Elliott plays running back. He was the No. 1 guy on Dallas’ board, justification enough to select the Ohio State … Read More »

The Cowboys Draft Solution

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Jerry Jones has received a lot of criticism over the past two decades for his general managerial skills (or lack thereof), and much of it well deserved. It has, after all, been 21 years since the Boys’ last danced in the big game, and Jones and company have managed only three playoff wins since that last Super Bowl victory in 1995. But you have to give the man his due in this regard – he doesn’t ever quit.

Now you may argue that is by no means a good thing, and you won’t get much of an argument from me in this case. I, like most of you reading this, thought the smart move would have been to hand off the torch many years ago to a qualified NFL general manager to run the football side of his empire (no one … Read More »

What Will Jerry Do?

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones – driven by delusion, admiration or misdirection – is suggesting the Cowboys don’t need an heir to Tony Romo from this year’s NFL Draft. Or, for the next half-decade of NFL Drafts.

“What is the one unequivocal fact that you can count on relative to the preparation of this draft and on draft day is that I’m planning on Romo being the quarterback for the next four or five years,” Jones said Saturday while aboard the Cowboys “party bus” in Indy holding court for the Scouting Combine media. “That’s a fact. You won’t see a decision on draft day that will fly in the face of not believing, from our standpoint, that (Romo) will be our quarterback for four or five years.”

Delusional Jerry? Yes, because it’s not realistic to expect any QB to play this game to … Read More »

Cowboys Continue to Shrink as Dez Watches

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The Cowboys in-flight movie home after Sunday’s disappointingly bizarre 27-20 loss at the Giants? Ant-Man, a choice that serves as an unintentional reflection of the team’s shrinking playoff chances.

“The challenge is daunting,’’ owner Jerry Jones told me after 2-4 Dallas’ fourth-straight loss. “We should and will go…quarter-by-quarter. That’s all we need to be looking at. We can’t afford to look down the road. It’s daunting.’’

Before the Cowboys look forward, though, they will look back. And they will look inside themselves. That goes for Greg Hardy and that goes for Dez Bryant, two headline-grabbing stars who crossed paths in an attention-getting sideline exchange.

Hardy, whose behavior is infamously controversial, charged into the sideline special-teams huddle after that group had given up a late-game 100-yard kickoff return to ex-Cowboy Dwayne Harris. In the pile, Hardy appeared to slap a clipboard out of the … Read More »

Cowboys Offense No Match For Pats

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ARLINGTON – Yesterday at AT&T Stadium the Patriots were good enough to put on a clinic. And the Cowboys were sick enough to be admitted to one. Sunday’s 30-6 Cowboys’ home loss to undefeated New England was predictable in many senses, starting with the fact that Tom Brady and company are superior to Brandon Weeden and company. The Cowboys defense – led by the dynamic efforts of Sean Lee and the now unsuspended Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain — contested that notion for a time. But even a battered Brady bests a Dallas offense struggling to keep its head above water without weapons like Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Lance Dunbar.

“With where our offense is, our defense is expected to get it done, no matter how many snaps we have to play,’’ cornerback Mo Claiborne told me. “We didn’t get … Read More »

Nothing Dreamy About Cowboys Loss

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ARLINGTON – In the span of a week, Jerry Jones has elevated from “low as a crippled cricket’s ass’’ to “daydreaming’’ about Cowboys greatness to swearing that Sunday’s 39-28 home loss to Atlanta won’t serve as a psychological anchor for his temporarily shorthanded club. “I don’t think that’s a concern,’’ Jerry told me following a loss that included two different 14-point leads for Dallas but did not include a host of Cowboys standouts including Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. “I’m not at all concerned about how our guys handle things psychologically.’’

If that’s true, than all that is left is how they handle things physically. And on Sunday, that didn’t go very well, either. Going into the game, Jones acknowledged that injuries to Bryant, Romo, guard Ron Leary, defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey and pass-rusher Randy Gregory as well as suspensions still … Read More »