Dak Prescott

A Big “What if?”

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The Dallas Cowboys cannot be blamed for wondering “what if?’’ But no, not “what if we would’ve beaten the Packers and then beaten the Falcons and then advanced to the Super Bowl against the Patriots?’’

This “what if’’ is a simple philosophical regret from Green Bay 34, Dallas 31 in their playoff game a week ago: Dallas fell behind 21-3 in its final game … and stayed behind, for the most part, because it didn’t ride Ezekiel Elliott. That early deficit is being given by some as the reason they didn’t “stick with the run” more, in the form of more than 22 carries for Elliott.

But the point is being missed. The score was 0-0 when Dallas first decided to not “stick with it,” as on third-and-2 within field-goal range when they let Dak Prescott throw downfield into coverage for an … Read More »

Done in by Mr. Rodgers

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ARLINGTON – It will be argued forever that the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff loss to the Packers yesterday at AT&T Stadium was about the results of rust. Or about the results about readiness. Or about the results of the reliance on rookies.

But to me? Packers 34, Cowboys 31 was exactly what I’d feared it would be: About the results of Rodgers.

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers was my regular-season pick for NFL MVP based on the simplest of facts: He is the NFL star with the best chance to get to the Super Bowl with the least amount of help. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, after suffering through Rodgers’ conversion of a third-and-19 to set up the game-winning field goal with no time remaining, said when it’s all over, Rodgers “will go down as one of the three greatest to ever lace ’em … Read More »

Sorry Cowboys’ Fans

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First things first. Hats off to my ScoreBoardTX partner Rob Scichili for his almost spot-on upset prediction Monday morning of Clemson by 3 over Alabama (final score Tigers 35-31). Now it’s my turn to be the prognosticator, but unfortunately what my crystal ball is showing me will ruffle a few feathers here in the Metroplex. The Cowboys will be one-and-done this weekend.

Before the tar and feathers come out, let me explain the reasoning behind my seemingly traitorous statement. In fact, I’ll tie it into the results of Monday’s championship game where Crimson Tide true freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts fell short to a superior, more experienced player on the opposing sideline, Deshaun Watson. While Hurts was good, Watson was better. And on Sunday I expect the Cowboys’ rookie sensation QB Dak Prescott to be the second best play-caller on the field … Read More »

I Want the Giants

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Cowboys fans should be rooting for the Giants this weekend. I know it’s a difficult thing for a true fan of America’s team to do, but that is the best, and frankly the juiciest match-up possible for the NFC Divisional Round game on January 15.

Obviously I know that the Giants are the only team that has beaten the Cowboys when they’ve rolled out their starters this year – (the Philly loss had Zeke Elliott, Sean Lee, Tyron Smith – and for most of the game Dak Prescott – on the bench) – and they’ve done so twice. To me that is why fans should want this match-up. The New York Football Giants, as Jason Garrett likes to call them, would come to AT&T Stadium feeling very good about themselves. To get to Arlington they will have beaten the Packers in … Read More »

FISHTIPS in Review

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ARLINGTON – Last Monday I offered some pre-game “FishTips’’ as your guide for the Ravens-at-Cowboys match-up. Now, in review of Dallas 27, Baltimore 17 … How’d I do?

FISHTIP 1: I said Dez Bryant was working through the emotions of the passing of his father and that dealing with the loss included Dez’ Saturday attendance at the Saturday funeral in Lufkin. But physically? Despite appearing on the pregame injury report — “back’’ — Bryant told me it was a “take-an-aspirin’’ sort of issue.

RESULT: “I was no big deal,’’ Dez told me after a win in which he totaled six catches for 80 yards and two TDs, but refused to bask in credit over the big numbers. “We’re for one another. That’s it.’’

FISHTIP 2: I said that Ezekiel Elliott would face his truest test of the year in Baltimore’s best-in-the-NFL run defense, … Read More »

The Correct Story Lines From Pittsburgh

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PITTSBURGH – Sunday’s thrilling 35-30 comeback victory against the Steelers at Heinz Field wasn’t about any of the storylines Cowboys critics continue to manufacture. Investigating Zeke? Puppet Garrett? Pouting Romo? Meddling Jerry? Deztractions?

Those aren’t the real stories.

“How our team responded in the latter part of the game is indicative of what they’re all about, the kind of people we have on our team, the mental toughness they have, the poise and composure,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said after a game won because Dallas somehow scored twice in the final two minutes in this hostile environment. “Our ability to execute when we had to was obviously critical to the outcome.”

Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott was a centerpiece of that as he scored on 32-yard run with nine seconds left to essential seal the deal. Zeke rushed for two TDs and scored … Read More »

FishTips From Clevelend

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CLEVELAND – I composed FishTips as the Cowboys got ready for the Browns on Sunday. Now we’ve got a 35-10 win and a review of how prescient those five FishTips were:

FishTip 1) Why does it feel like Dallas has the vibe of a contender?

Well, the Cowboys are 6-1 for the 11th time in club history. All 10 of those previous teams went to the playoffs.

Furthermore… since 1990, when the playoffs were last re-formatted, teams that started 6-1 made the playoffs 51 of 60 times. So historically the path is cleared.

RESULT: The Cowboys at 7-1 are the best team in the NFC – though their eye is so on the prize that even the outspoken Dez Bryant is unwilling to say those words. “I’m not going to get in to all of that,” Dez said. “What I will say: I love … Read More »

Romo Needs to Play

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If Tony Romo is healthy, then he should be starting for the Cowboys. Who’s with me? Anybody? (crickets) Come on people! Sports are not supposed to work this way. A franchise player is not supposed to lose his job because he missed a few games due to injury!

When Tyron Smith’s back stopped barking at him the Cowboys put him back in. Same with Dez Bryant, if he’s healthy he is back on the field. So why is it different with Tony? You say, “Because they are winning without him.” Well they won both games that Tyron did not play and all of those that Dez missed. Yet both those players were immediately granted their positions back because they are better than their back-ups. Guess what? So is Tony.

One thing we know about the NFL, you build a team from the … Read More »

Cowboys Drama Nothing New

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ARLINGTON – I literally said this right to the face of the despicable Skip Bayless, a quarter of a century ago, when he was just beginning to carve out what would be his highly-profitable but soul-less existence as a sports media charlatan: “Why do you need to make up fake stories about drama inside the Cowboys,’’ I said to him, “when there is so much real drama to write about?’’

My philosophy holds true at this moment, as you can imagine, with the late-night events on Sunday at AT&T Stadium, where “Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz” and “Prescott vs. Romo’’ and “bounties’’ and accusations against Ezekiel Elliott and challenges to a less-than-accomplished Dallas defense and gaffes by the Cowboys special teams and the return of Dez Bryant and the records of Jason Witten were just some of the story lines emerging … Read More »

Prescott Roll Continues

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GREEN BAY – Traditions. Superstitions. Jinxes. I’d been meaning to ask Dak Prescott about his love for the bow tie for weeks, and finally got around to it as the rookie QB prepared for his 4-1 Cowboys to play at Green Bay.

“No, it’s not a superstition,” Dak said, noting that he started the fashion statement in his junior year at Mississippi State when Starkville clothier George Sherman gave him his first bow tie. “It was my first time wearing it and we won,” Prescott said. “I guess you could say George was more superstitious because he made me buy another one the next time. And then the bow tie kind of became my thing.”

And now Dak has a new habit; winning at the NFL level, as he helped record a 30-16 win at Green Bay on Sunday to push Dallas … Read More »