Cowboys Offense No Match For Pats

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ARLINGTON – Yesterday at AT&T Stadium the Patriots were good enough to put on a clinic. And the Cowboys were sick enough to be admitted to one. Sunday’s 30-6 Cowboys’ home loss to undefeated New England was predictable in many senses, starting with the fact that Tom Brady and company are superior to Brandon Weeden and company. The Cowboys defense – led by the dynamic efforts of Sean Lee and the now unsuspended Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain — contested that notion for a time. But even a battered Brady bests a Dallas offense struggling to keep its head above water without weapons like Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Lance Dunbar.

“With where our offense is, our defense is expected to get it done, no matter how many snaps we have to play,’’ cornerback Mo Claiborne told me. “We didn’t get … Read More »

Autumn Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

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The summer days are long, brutally hot (if you live in Texas you of course know this), and….oh so boring. The week nights are boring, Saturday afternoons are boring, Sunday days and nights are boring. Why you ask? Because there are no sports being played that matter to me. Please, please, please – football, basketball and hockey get here soon – I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I’m a sports junkie and I’m just not getting my fix. Our local sports broadcast opens with a shot of the Cowboys plane sitting on a runway, presumably leaving for training camp in Oxnard, Ca. at some point. Gripping stuff. My national sports’ lead story is still….unbelievably….“deflategate.” I feel like Charlie Brown when he reaches his breaking point and just wants to scream……AAUGH! I’m not sure I can … Read More »

Garrett Realizing His Own Potential

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In early February of 2006 I ran into Jason Garrett. It had been years since we had seen each other but exchanged man hugs and laughed about the past. This was the week of Super Bowl XL. After chatting with him for a while, I asked if we could turn on the camera and reminisce some more. He looked around sheepishly and said, “No I am not allowed to talk to the media.” At the time Jason was quarterbacks coach for the Dolphins and under the oppressive thumb of his head coach Nick Saban.

I tell that story as a way of reminding you who Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett is. He is a compilation of all the coaches he has played for and worked under in the past 30 years. That is a lot of coaches, a lot of influences, and … Read More »

Mobile, Alabama – Where Cowboys Headlines Are Made in January

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I have not spent a lot of time in Mobile, Alabama, but this time of year I hate that place. It’s really not Mobile’s fault. I mean I have passed through it many times on the way to Destin Florida, and it seems like a quaint, historic and proud Gulfside community. It’s just that for most of the last 16 years the biggest Cowboys news in the month of January has come out of (wait for it)……Mobile.

This year the big news is that  Monte Kiffin will be back as the defensive coordinator. This really isn’t news because he is under contract and Jerry never indicated that Kiffin was in trouble. It’s just  that most of the media that cover the Cowboys and most of the Cowboys fans are logical. Logic dictates that the man who coordinated the worst defense in … Read More »

Oklahoma State Looking to Make Its Move

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There’s a little team in the Big 12 that simply is not getting its just due with what its accomplished so far in 2013. Many claim this group hasn’t really played anyone yet. Their stats are impressive – a total of 4,292 yards gained on offense (5.74 yards-per-play), with 48 offensive touchdowns scored while averaging 429.2 yards-per-game. Their D isn’t too shabby either, giving up only 19 touchdowns to the opposition.

Yet no one really seems to be talking about them when it comes to competing for a championship.

A Big 12 championship.

Yes, those Oklahoma State Cowboys are barely a blip on anyone’s radar. While Baylor has roared to a number four ranking in the BCS, and made national headlines with Art Briles’ explosive offense, Oklahoma State has waited in the weeds, mainly due to a hiccup at West Virginia (who lost … Read More »

Reverse Barometer – Predictions & Calls Sure to Go Wrong

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The Cowboys ran an empty backfield for a good chunk of the win over Minnesota on Sunday, including the entire final game-winning drive. I find it amazing that any NFL team could basically tell the opponent that it was going to throw every down and drive down the field like a hot knife through butter. The wide receivers ran great routes but a ton of credit goes to Tony Romo. I’m not a “Romo apologist” but I think he gets a bad rap. The guy is a gamer and think of how bad this offense would be with some of the other QBs in this league (like Christian Ponder)…This Saturday’s game at Texas A&M is notable for several reasons, the biggest of which is that it is probably Johnny Manziel’s final home game as an Aggie signal-caller. The same goes … Read More »