Baseball Hall of Fame

Pudge Gets “The Call”

Posted on January 19th, by John Rhadigan in All, Baseball, Texas Rangers. No Comments

Normally when a reporter is singled out at a press conference it isn’t a happy moment for him. It generally means you have written or said something that angered the person at the front of the room. Think Trump with any CNN reporter. However, when I was singled out Wednesday evening, I could not have been more pleased.

As Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez entered the Rangers media room it was full of people he knew. Family, Rangers front office staff and tons of media. Rangers Owner Ray Davis was there to present Pudge with a Hall of Fame cap, a photo op to commemorate the occasion, Pudge had been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot. As he walked to the stage Pudge waved at me, then walked over to shake my hand pulled me in for a … Read More »

Baseball Hall Does it Right

Posted on January 7th, by Timm Matthews in All, MLB. No Comments

The game can be so slow that I want to switch over to C-Span for some excitement. The rules change only about as often as Haley’s Comet sweeps through the sky but there is something about the game of baseball that I do admire. The way baseball votes on their Hall of Fame is the way all sports should do it. It’s an exclusive club that allows only the very elite to enter. Unlike the other major professional sports, major league baseball has no minimum number of entrants into their Hall of Fame each year. That means that some years, no one is elected. Every candidate goes through the same rigorous filter and has to earn 75% of the votes to get in. Not 74.9%, but at least 75%. Last year Craig Biggio was just 2 votes (out of over … Read More »