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It’s a Special Weekend In Dallas

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It is a rite of autumn and truly one of the great things about living in DFW. The Texas-Oklahoma game at the Cotton Bowl (Yes, Texas name goes first because they won last year).

There’s nothing like the scene around the State Fair of Texas. The fans yelling Texas Fight or Boomer Sooner. Nothing like the scene inside the Cotton Bowl with the south end populated by OU fans and the north end by Texas, with the 50-yard line being the dividing line. Nothing like that moment when the teams run through the tunnel before kickoff, and you think of how many great players, coaches and teams have done just that. If you love college football, your hair is standing up right now just thinking about it. If you don’t love college football and get to experience that moment you WILL … Read More »

College Hoops Alive and Well in Texas

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Texas is a football hotbed, but the Lone Star State is bountifully represented in the March Madness tournament this year as well. Last night the NCAA Selection Committee announced the 68-team lineup for this year’s NCAA Tournament, and gave Texans plenty of rooting-interest options as five of the squads hail from right here in Texas.

As the post-play-in portion of the Tournament begins on Thursday, Baylor as the No. 5 seed in the West region will take on No.12 Yale, and the No. 8 seed in the Midwest, Texas Tech, will face off against 9th-seeded Butler.

Friday, No. 14 Stephen F. Austin — in the Tournament for a third straight season — will be the underdog against the East’s No. 3 seed West Virginia. The same day, a No. 3-seed Texas A&M will take on No. 14 Green Bay, with the Aggies … Read More »

College Hoops Tough to Beat

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Some of you may know that before I started doing Mavericks games on radio, I spent my time (a lot of time) around college basketball. There is no doubt in my mind that the NBA game is a better game (please don’t tell me NBA players don’t play hard), but the college atmosphere is far superior to the NBA. In the NBA, everybody has a 20,000 seat arena. Everyone has a screaming public address announcer (except for the Lakers Lawrence Tanter) and everyone shoots T-shirts into the stands. But in college, a place like Allen Field House is so different from Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is so different from Assembly Hall, which is so different from Moody Coliseum. You get the picture. Unique is a word that comes to mind.

Naysayers of the college game will say that it’s only about … Read More »

Hump Day Sports Thoughts

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Is Strong off the Hot-seat?

After watching Charlie Strong’s Longhorns take care of the Sooners last Saturday, a couple thoughts popped into my head. First, they better not let their horns get too big and their celebrations go too long as Bill Snyder’s Wildcats come to Austin Saturday (I saw the game they gave my Horned Frogs last weekend), and two, has the seat of heat shifted from under Charlie’s bottom and now placed itself squarely under Bob Stoops’ rump?

The Sooners, although still sitting at 4-1 this season, finished last season going 2-3 (with the only wins coming against Texas Tech and Kansas) – and getting blown out by Baylor 48-14 in Norman, losing Bedlam to in-state rival Oklahoma State in OT (also in Norman), and getting shellacked by Clemson in the Citrus Bowl 40-6. The Sooner Nation, with their very … Read More »

Will the Strong Survive?

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To say that tomorrow’s game at the Cotton Bowl between Texas and Oklahoma is an important one for Charlie Strong is like saying Bevo’s trainers might pop him a tranquilizer or two prior to kickoff. Understating the obvious I believe is what they call it.

The Longhorns come into the game against the 10th ranked Sooners reeling after last Saturday’s debacle in Ft. Worth, a 50-7 thrashing at the hands of the 2nd ranked Horned Frogs. Now sitting at 1-4, the Horns are a 17-point underdog to Bob Stoops’ squad, who would love nothing more than to put a similar whipping on Charlie’s boys as the Frogs did last weekend.

What I witnessed first hand in Ft. Worth last weekend was no doubt embarrassing to Strong and his coaching staff. Giving up 30 unanswered first-quarter points is unacceptable to any head coach, … Read More »

Thankful For a Day of Great Football

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I have not been this excited about the smorgasbord of Thanksgiving Day football since…well maybe never. I know that never is a long time, but understand that I grew up a Lions fan and so the Thanksgiving Day game was typically a source of frustration and indigestion in my youth.

As an adult, I have always worked in markets where the local team is home on Thanksgiving, I worked in Michigan (Detroit and Flint) and here in Dallas. I love going to the game on Turkey Day, I don’t mind fighting the traffic or the crowds and these days I take the family to the game so I’m not even missing out on that aspect of the holiday. But this year is special for a couple of reasons – first the Cowboys are better than any of us thought they would … Read More »

ScoreBoardTX Poll

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Due Respect

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Respect. Aretha Franklin’s a big fan of it. So am I.

Respect gives you a lot of leeway. For instance, utter the words, “With all due respect,” prior to a statement, and you can say just about anything to someone and get away with it.

Respect gives you clout, even when you’re disliked. The Red Sox and Yankees hate each other with a passion. But there is a respect factor that overrides all of it, and it is a big part of being one of the best rivalries in sports.

Speaking of rivalries, I think most of us are still disappointed that the Texas-Texas A&M football game no longer is played. I say “most of us” because I, honestly, am not. Not anymore, anyway.

Let me explain.

Everyone knows I’m an Aggie. When the possibility first came up a few years ago that Texas A&M … Read More »

Expect the Unexpected in College Football

See ya later Sparty, hope you had a real nice time. All you Irish types can keep on fighting, but it won’t get you where you want to go anymore this season. And any and all felines it is now time for you to immediately leave the building. Week eleven of the college football season has concluded and it had just about everything you could ask for from an entertainment aspect, although no doubt some in places such as Manhattan, Kansas and South Bend, Indiana may disagree with that assessment. We saw another seismic shift take place Saturday as four of the top ten teams were pushed off their perches, while a fifth (No.5 Alabama) narrowly escaped after a defensive overtime showdown in Death Valley against LSU.

The dream to play in the first college football playoff ever almost assuredly came … Read More »

Around College Football

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Thanks for Coming, Big 10

In just a span of a few hours, the hopes and dreams of the Big 10 to be a major factor in the first-ever College Football Playoff were basically dashed. Michigan State at Oregon, Michigan at Notre Dame, and Ohio State hosting Virginia Tech — 0-for-3 this past Saturday. While Michigan was not really expected to contend in the conference, both Spartie and the Buckeyes had sights set on being one of the four teams in the playoff. Of course any of them can bounce back and win the conference, but the lack of signature wins will hurt them. And Wisconsin, we’re looking at you as well from last week’s blown game vs. LSU. Can someone else step up in the Big 10? Nebraska? It took taking a screen pass to the house with under a … Read More »