Pudge Gets “The Call”

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Normally when a reporter is singled out at a press conference it isn’t a happy moment for him. It generally means you have written or said something that angered the person at the front of the room. Think Trump with any CNN reporter. However, when I was singled out Wednesday evening, I could not have been more pleased.

As Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez entered the Rangers media room it was full of people he knew. Family, Rangers front office staff and tons of media. Rangers Owner Ray Davis was there to present Pudge with a Hall of Fame cap, a photo op to commemorate the occasion, Pudge had been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot. As he walked to the stage Pudge waved at me, then walked over to shake my hand pulled me in for a … Read More »

One Carlos Goes, One Stays

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They both joined the Texas Rangers mid-season in 2016. They were both booed in Houston last year. They were both former Astros. They both returned to a former team via free agency. They are both named Carlos. There are tons of similarities between Carlos Gomez and Carlos Beltran. One big difference now though, the former is a Ranger, the latter is an Astro.

Carlos Beltran signed a one year deal with Houston and is a bigger man than me. Beltran returns to a fan base which booed him every at bat of his Rangers tenure. Granted it wasn’t the fans that offered to pay him $16 million, it was Astros management. Some of whom are dying to take a player from Texas in hopes that it will help them beat the Rangers.

It seems that Astros GM Jeff Luhnow and others have … Read More »

Even the Sports World Missed This One

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As our country is still trying to digest the results of the Presidential election, and pollsters and mainstream media remain in shock after collectively “blowing it,” the predictive world of sports took a punch to the gut as well. You see, there have been a handful of reliable old stand-byes in sports that have stood the test of time when it comes to letting us know who the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be. But now decades of “sports accuracy” have fallen by the way-side, along with Mrs. Clinton’s White House hopes.

Let’s start with college football and the SEC in particular. Leave it to Alabama to not follow script and lose as they were supposed to do, as they spit in the eye of tradition with a 10-0 victory over LSU on November 5th. With their shutout win, … Read More »

It’s Good to Be Champs

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Just in case you haven’t seen enough of the Chicago Cubs over the past week or so, we thought we’d share a few moments of their media circus that followed their 7 game Series with the Indians. It’s good to be champs….

First up Saturday Night Live…

Batting second, Jimmy Fallon…

Third up, Jimmy Kimmel…

And batting cleanup, a LEGO tribute (doesn’t get much bigger than that!)

Let’s Fix This Joe

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Joe Maddon I have a bone to pick with you. Now before I start, let me say I understand that you’ve brought my Cubs to a place they haven’t been in over 70 years. And although it didn’t look like it last night in their 6-0 loss to the Indians, there’s a chance you may guide them to a promised land that hasn’t been seen on the North Side in 108 years. All that being said, if I see one more of your young hitters stand and admire their handiwork in the batter’s box instead of putting their head down and running, I’m going to jump through my TV.

We saw it twice with Javier Baez against the Giants in the opening round. One ball he hit actually did leave the yard….but barely, nestling into the left field basket at Wrigley. … Read More »

Math Sucks

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Damnit they told me there would be no math in this job. So when the Bill James Pythagorean Theorem was brought to my attention I scoffed. In part because I had enough trouble with the work of ole’ Pythagoras in geometry class and in part because I did not want to believe that the theory could be applied to a Rangers team that was having so much fun and winning so many games.

It is actually a hybrid of the Pythagorean Theorem which asserts that runs scored vs runs allowed is a better indicator of a team’s future performance than actual winning percentage. This results in a formula which is referred to as the Pythagorean Winning Percentage.

Call me old school, oh hell call me old if you want, but I don’t want all the numbers and the analytics to be right. … Read More »

Desmond and Lucroy Doing it Right

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On a recent road trip with the Rangers I was stopped in the lobby of the team hotel by someone who told me he enjoyed me on the broadcast and asked where he should eat in that city. He introduced himself as Doug Rogalski. Since I am not a beat writer, per se, the name did not ring a bell. As it turns out Doug is the agent for Jonathan Lucroy and Ian Desmond.

I tried to grease the wheels by telling him how much the Rangers and their fans like each of those guys. The truth is my comment to him won’t enhance the chances of signing either or both of those men to a long term deal, but it sure would be great if the Rangers and Doug can do a couple of deals in the off season. These … Read More »

Greatness But No Ring

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It’s been a while since we’ve done the tried and true “list” thing here at ScoreBoard, and with baseball season heating up in all it’s post All-Star game glory, I thought it appropriate to rattle off a MLB “all-time” one and see how it flies.  If you don’t agree with my take, go ahead and start your own on-line publication. Otherwise sit back, digest and stew about it.  I give you the ten greatest baseball players that never won a World Series, counting down from 10 to 1.  I’ve restricted the list to retired players since their place in history is firmly cemented. Here you go:

10) Willie McCovey – The 1969 National League MVP, “stretch” McCovey knocked out 521 home runs over a 19-year career in a era when 500 really  meant something.

9) Sammy Sosa – Sosa’s reputation has been … Read More »

How to Fix the Rangers

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I remember talking to Colby Lewis on May 4th in the visitors clubhouse in Toronto. The topic of the day was a six man rotation. You see Yu Darvish was getting close to returning  from Tommy John Surgery, and we wondered what the Rangers would do with all these pitchers who were all pitching so well. Colby was all for a six man rotation. He reminded us that he had been a part of one in Japan and, of course, so had Darvish.

That six man talk is comical now of course. In the three weeks leading up to the All Star break, the Rangers were operating with a three man rotation and hoping that Nick Martinez, Chi Chi Gonzalez or Kyle Lohse would grab hold of the fourth or fifth spot in the rotation. None of them did and there … Read More »

Rangers’ Memorable Moments Piling Up

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Raise your hand if you stayed up until nearly 2:00 am on Monday night to watch the end of the Rangers/Yankees game from New York. Anyone? I must admit if I wasn’t working on Rangers Live that night I would have been among the masses who went to bed rather than wait through a three hour and thirty-five minute rain delay. I’m really glad I was working though, because this team is good enough to make a run in October and that game is “one of those” that we’ll remember at the end of the year.

It was raining quite heavily from the 5th inning on, but it wasn’t until the Yankees closer had trouble gripping the ball and finding the strike zone that the umpires decided to delay the game. A visit by Joe Girardi seemed to inspire the delay, … Read More »