Dave Strader

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By Rush Olson

I only met the man in person once.

The meetup came at the Dallas Stars’ media day in September, 2015. The team had just hired Dave Strader as its play-by-play announcer and he had come over to Frisco’s Dr Pepper Arena to observe the goings-on. I chatted with him and his new broadcast partner, Daryl Reaugh. The whole conversation might have lasted a minute. I remember Dave being nice and then I went on to whatever other production duties had presented themselves.

I re-connected with Dave earlier this year. The Stars announcer was scheduled to join his radio counterparts from the Mavericks, Rangers, and Cowboys to swap stories and raise money for charities. I had taken on some producing duties for this event, called Talk of the Town, and needed to work with him on the show. What made it … Read More »

Teamwork Still Key For Belfour

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Ed Belfour achieved great success playing his sport’s most individualized position. But he also knows that standup teammates like Chris Chelios, Richard Matvichuk, and Craig Ludwig did a lot to help him win a Stanley Cup and earn election to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It makes sense, then, that to give an ambitious post-hockey endeavor its best chance of success, he would try to assemble a strong team around him.

The venture entails building a distillery complex called Belfour Spirits. They plan to produce several varieties of liquor, and the project involves more than one Belfour. The principal team consists of Ed and his children, son Dayn, and daughter Reaghan. The core members of Team Belfour have gradually pushed the project forward over the past four years as they have learned the nuances of the business and navigated regulatory … Read More »

Dak, We Hardly Knew Ye

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Holy cow, Jerry has done it again. BREAKING: ScoreBoardTX has learned that the Cowboys have agreed in principle to a trade that will send quarterback Dak Prescott  and Dallas’ first round pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the number one overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, as well as the 12th overall pick.

Amazing. No wonder the Cowboys held on to Tony Romo and did not trade nor release him. It’s clear that the organization still feels Tony has one more run in him, but this is a definite roll of the dice.

“Presently, we feel like we have a good shot as contenders for the Super Bowl this year,” Jerry told us, late Friday evening. “Dak is a wonderful player, but the fact is we were able to parlay a fourth round pick into the number one overall … Read More »

College Baseball Greatness Comes to the Frisco Classic

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Today’s the day – college baseball is back! It’s opening day for many division-1 teams around the country, and some are coming our way in the near future.

Those that have yet to discover the greatness of one of America’s greatest games at the collegiate level will get their chance in two weeks to see some of the most tradition-rich programs in the sport as part of the Frisco Classic Presented by Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research at the STAR. Arizona, Arkansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma State will all take part in the event, played at Dr Pepper Ballpark from March 3-5.

This is the closest thing you’ll find to Omaha and the College World Series between now and May, at least in this neck of the woods. Looking for something fun and affordable to take your family to? Look … Read More »

Landing Zones

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Thanks, Tony. To quote Don Meredith, “It was a goodun’.”

Tony Romo is almost certain to be in different uniform next year, right? I mean, Dak Prescott just had one of the best seasons a quarterback can have with 23 touchdowns and only four interceptions on his way to offensive rookie of the year.

So where does Tony land? The list of possible candidates is plentiful, each with pros and cons.

Let’s start with taking a look at his contract, which expires in 2019. Romo is slated to make $14 million in 2017 and $40 million more over the two seasons after that. He’s tough to trade and tough to keep. The Cowboys would get some cap relief as a post-June 1 release, but will they release him at all?

Starting with the long shots of places for Romo to land, these guys at … Read More »

Entire NFL Still Looking Up at The Pats

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To the Dallas Cowboys — and 30 other NFL teams — this Super Bowl was about “what could’ve been.’’ And Dallas can actually look forward to Super Bowl LII armed with the knowledge that they are 9/1 favorites to make it to the big game, the second-best odds of anybody.

The team with the best odds? It’s the only one of the NFL teams that doesn’t today think about “what could’ve been.’’ For New England, 34-28 winners over Atlanta in the first overtime in Super Bowl history, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and maybe the greatest game in Super Bowl history, this is about what was, what is, and what will forevermore be,

With the Patriots trailing by 25 points and Tom Brady throwing so many errant passes that Lady Gaga had to climb on Houston’s NNNN Stadium roof to … Read More »

Get Ready For a Hotlanta Celebration

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It’s Super Bowl week and that means a week of hoopla like no other. Sandwiched around the actual game are parties, parties and more parties…celebrities appearing everywhere, over the top television commercials, ridiculously extravagant half-time shows…and of course big-time (and crazy) betting. This year you can bet on what Luke Bryant will be wearing when he sings the National Anthem. You can wager on who Donald Trump says will win the game. You can put your money down on what color you think Lady Gaga’s hair will be when she performs the half-time show. Or on how many times Giselle Bundchen (Mrs. Tom Brady) will be shown during the broadcast. Oh and of course you can bet on the actual outcome of the game – and as of now the Patriots are 3 point favorites. They have Brady, Bill Belichick … Read More »

Cowboys Need to Stick to B.A.A.

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FRISCO – The key to understanding the Dallas Cowboys’ draft plan isn’t so much about listening to Jerry Jones as it is “listening to who Jerry Jones listens to.” For about 25 years now, I’ve called it “B.A.A.” That’s an acronym for “best available athlete.” And besides being fun to pronounce on the radio — “BAAAAA!” — its commonsensical, at least to me.

So why is Jerry saying things like this? “Where we’re going to be picking (28th overall), I think we can improve our team in several areas on each side of the ball, but particularly on the defensive side. There are going to be some players there, and we have several places that we can basically add to some good players we’ve got there now.”

Dallas has needs on defense, particularly in the pass-rush department. And maybe in the upcoming … Read More »

Dyson Staying Course with Rangers

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ARLINGTON—By most accounts, this has been a normal offseason for Texas Rangers closer Sam Dyson.

Appearing at a local Academy last week with the Rangers Winter Caravan, Dyson, traded from the Miami Marlins prior to the 2015 MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline, responded to a question about his offseason with his usual deadpan delivery and dry wit.

“Just normal stuff, take a few months off and get going. Working out, training, throwing. Every now and then, I’ll stop and eat some breakfast, lunch and dinner and the occasional chocolate cake or a beer,” Dyson quipped. “Just try to get the body and mind prepared for the season, that’s it.”

But in one way, this winter hasn’t been typical for Dyson, 28, who just completed his first season as the Texas closer.

That’s because earlier this month, a stanza where he and the Rangers agreed to … Read More »

A Big “What if?”

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The Dallas Cowboys cannot be blamed for wondering “what if?’’ But no, not “what if we would’ve beaten the Packers and then beaten the Falcons and then advanced to the Super Bowl against the Patriots?’’

This “what if’’ is a simple philosophical regret from Green Bay 34, Dallas 31 in their playoff game a week ago: Dallas fell behind 21-3 in its final game … and stayed behind, for the most part, because it didn’t ride Ezekiel Elliott. That early deficit is being given by some as the reason they didn’t “stick with the run” more, in the form of more than 22 carries for Elliott.

But the point is being missed. The score was 0-0 when Dallas first decided to not “stick with it,” as on third-and-2 within field-goal range when they let Dak Prescott throw downfield into coverage for an … Read More »