Spieth Should Be Whistling Dixie at Whistling Straits

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If it wasn’t for an unfortunate four- putt, or an untimely bogey or a 72nd hole missed tee shot, Dallas’ Jordan Spieth would be heading into Thursday’s opening round of the PGA Championship with history dripping from his driver. Spieth came within an eyelash of winning at St. Andrew’s a month ago and had he managed to pull off the Open Championship, he’d be going where no other golfer has ever gone before. Not Tiger, not Nicklaus, not Arnie, not Hogan or even Bobby Jones. Spieth would have had a chance of winning all 4 major professional golf championships in the same calendar year. As it is, if he wins the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits this weekend, he will join the very exclusive club of just Hogan and Tiger to win three majors in one year.

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More Hypocrisy From the NCAA

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Once again the hypocrisy of the–hopefully soon to be vanished–NCAA has reared its ugly head. The way the organization is allowed to operate year after year is unbelievable to me. The rules are from an era long ago, and even then it was entirely set up to benefit the “adults” and give little if any power to the “children.” The latest case that has caused my blood pressure to rise higher than North Texas lake levels, involves Notre Dame and its quarterback Everett Golson.

Golson has been beaten out for the starting quarterback job for the upcoming season and has decided to transfer to another school where he can play. He was the starter for the Irish most of last season and back in 2012 he led Notre Dame to an undefeated season and a spot in the National Championship game … Read More »

The Game That No One Will See

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If a Major League Baseball game is played and no one is in the stands to see it, does it really count? Not unlike the age-old question about a tree falling in the woods, one has to wonder about a game that’s played in front of no one. That’s exactly the case for today’s scheduled game between the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. Because of the continued rioting in Baltimore, the Orioles and MLB have made the unprecedented decision to refuse entry to any spectators for the game at Camden Yards. It has never happened before in the long history of  baseball and will set the mark for the lowest attendance ever for a major league game. The previous lowest attendance for a major league game appears to be six, when Worcester hosted Troy in a National League match-up on … Read More »

Where is the Scoring?

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In case you missed it, the Stars didn’t qualify for the NHL playoffs this year that began on Wednesday. A disappointment to say the least. Especially considering the fact that they had two of the most exciting offensive players in the league who were also two of the top scorers. Jamie Benn actually led the NHL in scoring this year with 87 points. That is an incredible accomplishment. He’s the first Dallas Star to do that, and if teammate Tyler Seguin hadn’t missed 11 games with injury, he probably would have been ahead of Benn. Seguin had 77 points in just 71 games. Just those two players and their stats would make you think the Stars should have made it to the post season.

But looking at those numbers made me think of something else. Of an era far removed from … Read More »

Cubs Show Business Side of Baseball

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The Texas Rangers should pay attention to what’s happening in Chicago and not make the same mistake here. Have you ever heard of Kris Bryant? Chances are probably not unless you’re a big Chicago Cubs fan or a baseball nerd all together. Bryant is the sensational Cubs rookie who just hit the cover off the ball in spring training and was unceremoniously sent back to the Cubs minor leagues. Here’s all that Bryant did in spring training for the Cubs; in 14 games he hit .425 with a Cactus League leading 9 home runs and 15 RBIs. He’s the first player in at least a dozen years to lead spring training in home runs and NOT make the major league roster. The reason the Cubs sent him down? If he plays at least 11 games in the minors, the Cubs … Read More »

Spieth Can be Special

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If you were to ask the casual golf fan how many wins Jordan Spieth has on the PGA Tour, they’d probably say three or four. It seemed that way since his name is always thrown around as one of the “best young players in the world.” The truth is that the Jesuit graduate had won exactly one tournament going into yesterday’s final round of the Valspar Championship in the Tampa area. That win was in his rookie season of 2013 at the John Deere Classic. The fact that he played in the final group with Bubba Watson at last year’s Masters, and finished tied for second, and also played in the final group at the Players Championship before losing to Martin Kaymer, made everyone think he had held up a trophy multiple times. But no…just once.

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In Cleveland, Orange is the New…Orange

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Did you see the awesome changes that the Cleveland Browns have made in their helmet? Now get this for radical…they changed the shade of orange and made the face mask brown instead of white! You won’t even recognize them next time you see them play. The team with easily the ugliest helmets in the league and among the worst uniforms and colors in all of sports, has changed the shade of orange and made the face masks brown. AND, this is the result of a two year project to “update” their uniforms. They really needed two years to come up with that? My six year old niece could have done that during her lunch time at kindergarten.

To be fair, the team says they will unveil the total new uniforms in about 2 weeks. We can only hold our breath that … Read More »

Parents the Problem of Chicago Little League

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It seems hard to believe that once again we have to re-examine what message parents are sending to their kids in this country. In this case I’m referring to the Little League team from Chicago that had it’s national championship taken away last week. At the heart of the problem is adults and coaches involved with the Jackie Robinson West team, changed the boundaries from which a team could have players from, putting together a team that defeated a team from Las Vegas to win the United States Little League title and advance to the World tournament. It was uncovered–as you would almost always expect it would be–by another team and the Little League International made the ruling to take the title away from the Jackie Robinson team and announce that Las Vegas was the national champion.

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Cardinals LB Calls Out Lynch

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Maybe it had to come from another NFL player before I wanted to say what I’ve been thinking for the past couple of weeks. Watching the NFL playoffs unfold, a couple of story-lines began to dominate the headlines and airwaves. Certainly “Deflategate” took on a life of its own and became the symbol of making a mountain out of a mole hill. We’ll possibly get to the bottom of that life-changing controversy by the time Tom Brady is a grandfather. The other subject that you couldn’t get away from no matter what hole you climbed out from, was Marshawn Lynch and his refusal to talk with the media.

First and foremost, don’t be fooled by Lynch and his immature behavior around reporters, he ate it up with a spoon. But more to the point I agree with Arizona Cardinals linebacker Larry … Read More »

Lynch Needs to Grow Up

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I’m just writing this column so I won’t get fined. I don’t want to write this article, I’d rather be doing something constructive like playing video games or listening to music or taking a nap, but I’m writing so I won’t get fined. I know a lot of people might like to write about sports and even get paid to do it, but that’s not really my bag. I just happened to fall into this gig and part of the deal says that I have to write, so I’m doing that again, so I won’t get fined.

I may not be Frank Caliendo but that’s a pretty good impression of Marshawn Lynch. Lynch, as we all know, is the extremely talented and incredibly immature running back for the Seattle Seahawks. For the past few years he’s made almost as big a … Read More »