Committee Gets it Wrong – Again

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Color me confused. I thought conference championships were important in deciding who made it to the College Football Playoff. At least that’s what the Committee told us (in no uncertain terms) when TCU was left out in the cold in 2014. The Horned Frogs were ranked No. 3 by the Committee through Week 15, then won their regular-season finale over Iowa State 55-3 but slid all the way to No. 6 in the rankings the following week. The Big 12 did not play a conference championship game, so the 11-1 Frogs could not benefit from a 13th game statement, and remained at No. 6 and out of the playoff in the Committee’s final rankings.

So in 2016 the Big 12 announced it was going to add a Conference Championship game in 2017 (which they did), a decision that was … Read More »

Get Ready For a Hotlanta Celebration

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It’s Super Bowl week and that means a week of hoopla like no other. Sandwiched around the actual game are parties, parties and more parties…celebrities appearing everywhere, over the top television commercials, ridiculously extravagant half-time shows…and of course big-time (and crazy) betting. This year you can bet on what Luke Bryant will be wearing when he sings the National Anthem. You can wager on who Donald Trump says will win the game. You can put your money down on what color you think Lady Gaga’s hair will be when she performs the half-time show. Or on how many times Giselle Bundchen (Mrs. Tom Brady) will be shown during the broadcast. Oh and of course you can bet on the actual outcome of the game – and as of now the Patriots are 3 point favorites. They have Brady, Bill Belichick … Read More »

Sorry Cowboys’ Fans

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First things first. Hats off to my ScoreBoardTX partner Rob Scichili for his almost spot-on upset prediction Monday morning of Clemson by 3 over Alabama (final score Tigers 35-31). Now it’s my turn to be the prognosticator, but unfortunately what my crystal ball is showing me will ruffle a few feathers here in the Metroplex. The Cowboys will be one-and-done this weekend.

Before the tar and feathers come out, let me explain the reasoning behind my seemingly traitorous statement. In fact, I’ll tie it into the results of Monday’s championship game where Crimson Tide true freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts fell short to a superior, more experienced player on the opposing sideline, Deshaun Watson. While Hurts was good, Watson was better. And on Sunday I expect the Cowboys’ rookie sensation QB Dak Prescott to be the second best play-caller on the field … Read More »

To Bowl or Not to Bowl?

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College football star running backs Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey shook the college football world last week by announcing they’ll skip their bowl games (with LSU and Stanford respectively) to make sure they stay injury-free for the upcoming NFL draft. The reasoning behind the players’ decisions? As projected first-round draft picks, they’ve already proven their worth to the NFL, and don’t have much (if anything) to gain from playing in one more game — especially when those games are secondary bowls. They could, however, have plenty to lose. Playing could put them at risk of suffering potential injuries that could cost them their careers or millions in NFL salaries.

And you know what?  I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. I still remember Miami’s Willis McGahee getting cut down by Ohio State’s Will Allen in the 2002 … Read More »

Even the Sports World Missed This One

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As our country is still trying to digest the results of the Presidential election, and pollsters and mainstream media remain in shock after collectively “blowing it,” the predictive world of sports took a punch to the gut as well. You see, there have been a handful of reliable old stand-byes in sports that have stood the test of time when it comes to letting us know who the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be. But now decades of “sports accuracy” have fallen by the way-side, along with Mrs. Clinton’s White House hopes.

Let’s start with college football and the SEC in particular. Leave it to Alabama to not follow script and lose as they were supposed to do, as they spit in the eye of tradition with a 10-0 victory over LSU on November 5th. With their shutout win, … Read More »

Let’s Fix This Joe

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Joe Maddon I have a bone to pick with you. Now before I start, let me say I understand that you’ve brought my Cubs to a place they haven’t been in over 70 years. And although it didn’t look like it last night in their 6-0 loss to the Indians, there’s a chance you may guide them to a promised land that hasn’t been seen on the North Side in 108 years. All that being said, if I see one more of your young hitters stand and admire their handiwork in the batter’s box instead of putting their head down and running, I’m going to jump through my TV.

We saw it twice with Javier Baez against the Giants in the opening round. One ball he hit actually did leave the yard….but barely, nestling into the left field basket at Wrigley. … Read More »

What Now For the Big 12 and College Football?

Fast forward to the year 2024. The 8-team College Football Playoff is about to commence with the winners of the 4 Super Conferences and their wild card teams squaring off against each other in the quest to hoist the coveted Dr Pepper Championship Trophy. Tom Herman will lead his Pac 12 champion Texas Longhorns against Bob Stoops and his SEC wild card Oklahoma Sooners in the first matchup on Saturday of what is now known as “Big Game Weekend.” Lane Kiffin and his SEC champion Crimson Tide will kick off the Sunday games with a battle against the Big 10 wild card Fighting Irish. Sound far fetched? Believe me it isn’t, in large part thanks to the Big 12’s announcement Monday that the most dysfunctional conference in the land will stand pat at ten teams and forgo any foreseeable expansion.

In … Read More »

College Football Preview

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As conference play starts in full force this weekend, so do games that really matter. With the Big 10 holding down five of the top twenty AP rankings spots, and the SEC claiming seven, it’s no surprise these conferences take center stage. Here’s a quick preview of the four biggest games tomorrow:

No. 11 Wisconsin at No. 8 Michigan State
11 am Central

Here’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t  know – the Badgers and Spartans have won five of the last six Big Ten championships. Fun fact number 2, they’ll square off for the first time since 2012 when the two clash in East Lansing tomorrow.

Side notes:

The Badgers are 10-1 when scoring first and 12-0 when leading at halftime under head coach Paul Chryst.

The Badgers are 3-0 for the first time since 2011 and have won 10 of their last 11 … Read More »

Baylor Can Only Hope to Be on SMU’s Level

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Last week yet another disturbing story emerged from Waco, TX. This time it centered around Rami Hammad, the latest in what sadly continues to be a still-growing list of Baylor football players accused of sexual crimes. On Monday, Hammad was arrested on a stalking charge of a female Baylor student, accused of sexually assaulting another Baylor coed and violating a university-issued no-contact order. According to documents reviewed by Outside the Lines, the sexual assault was reported to Baylor’s Title IX office last fall, yet Hammad played in all 13 games last season, and was listed as a starter on the 2016 post-spring depth chart for the upcoming season. Wow.

To say that I’m disgusted with (as I’m sure millions of others are as well) the way Baylor has continually tried to protect itself and their football program at the expense of … Read More »

Greatness But No Ring

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It’s been a while since we’ve done the tried and true “list” thing here at ScoreBoard, and with baseball season heating up in all it’s post All-Star game glory, I thought it appropriate to rattle off a MLB “all-time” one and see how it flies.  If you don’t agree with my take, go ahead and start your own on-line publication. Otherwise sit back, digest and stew about it.  I give you the ten greatest baseball players that never won a World Series, counting down from 10 to 1.  I’ve restricted the list to retired players since their place in history is firmly cemented. Here you go:

10) Willie McCovey – The 1969 National League MVP, “stretch” McCovey knocked out 521 home runs over a 19-year career in a era when 500 really  meant something.

9) Sammy Sosa – Sosa’s reputation has been … Read More »