Welcome to the Twilight Zone

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“You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!” – spoken in my best Rod Serling timbre.

If you have been in outer space or on a desert island or spelunking in a dark cave near the center of the earth for a while and suddenly checked some sports headlines and highlights, you might just think someone is playing a cruel joke on you…peeking around the corner for Ashton Kutcher “punking” you, or for the older generation, seeing if Alan Funt is anywhere to be found.

Let’s see…besides LeBron’s return to Cleveland, Vanderbilt winning the College World Series and the star of the Little World Series being a flame-throwing young lady who captured America’s heart, just wait…it gets even better.

There must … Read More »

Mr. Padre

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It still hasn’t sunk in yet that my sports hero is gone. Tony Gwynn passed away on Monday, June 16th and leaves behind him a legacy to be remembered.

Growing up in Amarillo, Texas, I was fortunate enough to go to watch the Amarillo Gold Sox, the AA affiliate of the San Diego Padres. That magical summer of ’81 when a smooth hitter named Tony Gwynn rolled through. His time was short at the AA level, before being put on the fast track the next season to AAA and then on to the big club in San Diego. I think anyone who watched him hit and play the game understood that he was a special player; the kind of player that doesn’t come around very often.

I was drawn to his silent presence on and off the field. He was a student … Read More »

A New Repeat Champion Reigns in the Metroplex

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Just when you thought hockey was done for the year in this town, don’t look now but the Allen Americans of the CHL just capped off another championship for DFW. That’s right, the Allen Americans in their 5th year in existence, finished their season on the eve of Mother’s Day with a 5-2 victory over the Denver Cutthroats to capture the CHL’s coveted Ray Miron Presidents’ Cup. What is better than winning a title? Winning two titles of course…and the Allen Americans have done just that, and in back to back fashion. I know you are probably rifling through your mind trying to remember the last back to back professional championships in DFW. And yes, you are correct! The last back to back champions were the Dallas Cowboys in the 1992 & 1993 seasons, capped off with wins over the Buffalo … Read More »

Ranger Stranger Danger

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New names like Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo create quite a buzz in Texas, as the promising season quickly approaches. But just when fans were feeling the excitement of the 2014 season, the fortunes of the Texas Rangers started eroding away like a mudslide. That twist of fate may have many calling them the “Strangers” again. Back in the early days of the Rangers, the “strangers” moniker was given to them for bad play and to distance themselves from the ugliness…much like the “Aints” fans in New Orleans for all those years of bad football in the crescent city. This “strangers” alias is in direct relation with star players going down to injury at a critical time in Spring Training, forcing the team to start some unknown commodities around the diamond.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Ranger –  Derek Holland (knee injury) – … Read More »

Super Bowl Talk: Animal Style

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Every year around this time, the football world is turned into a zoo or a media circus with Super Bowl mayhem, so in that case, let’s talk animals.

This year’s Super Bowl matchup of the Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks marks only the third time in Super Bowl history that both teams’ mascots are animals, believe it or not! All other years have featured a matchup of a “human” mascot versus an animal or a “human” versus a “human.”

In fact, the last time two animals faced off in the Super Bowl was in 2007 for Super Bowl XLI, when the Colts beat the Bears. That is good news for Peyton Manning, since he was the QB for that Colts victory. The only other animal-on-animal action in the big game was back in ‘99 for Super Bowl XXXIII, when the Broncos … Read More »

NFL & the Movies – a 2013 Retrospective

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As the year winds down, we always tend to look back and reflect on the best & worst lists of the year that was…or other fun lists involving TV moments, news stories, movies, songs, sports, etc. I’d like to take the liberty of blending movies and sports (NFL to be precise) into a comparative list for the year.

Matching the NFL Team with the 2013 movie that best represents its fate from the past year…shall we?

Magic was a theme for a couple of movies in 2013. Sometimes magic works…and well, sometimes it doesn’t. So we will start there…


Magic That Didn’t Work

 •The Incredible Burt Wonderstone  – Detroit Lions

            A nice cast of players couldn’t say the magic words to save such a promising production…oh yeah, and the movie was disappointing too. Whether it was Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi and Jim … Read More »

It’s Happening Again!

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After the colossal collapse of the Cowboys on Sunday, losing to the Packers, the faithful are firing away with opinions and suggestions of what the Cowboys should do. The ugly December Swoon is back. Here are a few options for the Cowboys after letting the game…er…season slip away in such an embarrassing fashion.

Jerry steps down as GM and assumes ONLY the owner role
Fire Jason Garrett
Fire Bill Callahan
Fire Monte Kiffin
Trade Tony Romo…wait…what?

Which of these are truly viable options? Some? All? None? The question that must be answered first is “Who are the alternatives to bring in?” No one really comes to mind, do they? At least no practical options, and that’s the problem. Culture change is needed, but whom do you give the reigns to? The Parcells experiment was a valiant attempt, but Jerry couldn’t bear to let go of the … Read More »