Dak, We Hardly Knew Ye

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Holy cow, Jerry has done it again. BREAKING: ScoreBoardTX has learned that the Cowboys have agreed in principle to a trade that will send quarterback Dak Prescott  and Dallas’ first round pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the number one overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, as well as the 12th overall pick.

Amazing. No wonder the Cowboys held on to Tony Romo and did not trade nor release him. It’s clear that the organization still feels Tony has one more run in him, but this is a definite roll of the dice.

“Presently, we feel like we have a good shot as contenders for the Super Bowl this year,” Jerry told us, late Friday evening. “Dak is a wonderful player, but the fact is we were able to parlay a fourth round pick into the number one overall … Read More »

College Baseball Greatness Comes to the Frisco Classic

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Today’s the day – college baseball is back! It’s opening day for many division-1 teams around the country, and some are coming our way in the near future.

Those that have yet to discover the greatness of one of America’s greatest games at the collegiate level will get their chance in two weeks to see some of the most tradition-rich programs in the sport as part of the Frisco Classic Presented by Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research at the STAR. Arizona, Arkansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma State will all take part in the event, played at Dr Pepper Ballpark from March 3-5.

This is the closest thing you’ll find to Omaha and the College World Series between now and May, at least in this neck of the woods. Looking for something fun and affordable to take your family to? Look … Read More »

Landing Zones

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Thanks, Tony. To quote Don Meredith, “It was a goodun’.”

Tony Romo is almost certain to be in different uniform next year, right? I mean, Dak Prescott just had one of the best seasons a quarterback can have with 23 touchdowns and only four interceptions on his way to offensive rookie of the year.

So where does Tony land? The list of possible candidates is plentiful, each with pros and cons.

Let’s start with taking a look at his contract, which expires in 2019. Romo is slated to make $14 million in 2017 and $40 million more over the two seasons after that. He’s tough to trade and tough to keep. The Cowboys would get some cap relief as a post-June 1 release, but will they release him at all?

Starting with the long shots of places for Romo to land, these guys at … Read More »

Reverse Barometer: Championship Sunday

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Yes, it’s Wednesday, but it’s never too early to get the Reverse Barometer out for a good solid look at the NFL Conference Championship games this weekend. And since we here at ScoreBoard nailed both Clemson’s National Championship and the Packers’ win at the Cowboys last Sunday, you may want to listen up. Or not. We’re on a roll but we’re also due for a loss, so read ahead at your own peril.

For those of you who are still drowning your sorrows in the Cowboys’ loss, get over it. Aaron Rodgers has done that to a few teams over the years. Time to look ahead.

Packers at Falcons – NFC Championship

The biggest question is “will Jordy Nelson be back?” Guess what? It may not matter. When Rodgers is throwing the pill, he turns the ordinary receivers into stars. Did you see … Read More »

Does Clemson Have a Shot?

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Contrary to what some might think, the Alabama Crimson Tide have not already been awarded the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship. Clemson will certainly have something to say about that before tonight is over.

Let me just say that somehow, someway, yes – the Tigers have a chance. How much of a chance? I’ll give it about 30-35 percent. But that may be enough.

Everything comes down to tonight’s game. Not what Alabama has done to opponents all season. Not what Clemson has accomplished along the way as well. Both are sixty minutes away from a championship.

Many are picking Alabama, and why not? They’ve simply dominated like no other team in college football this season, especially on defense. They’ve scored 14 (FOURTEEN!) touchdowns on defense or special teams. I am in Tampa working the CFP National Championship and I’ve gotten a … Read More »

Twenty-Sixteen Wasn’t All Bad, Right?

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Twenty-Sixteen has been a cursed year; just look at all of the celebrities who have died in the last 364 days! Here’s a closer look at how our local teams fared and who were the winners and losers, at least from our point of view.

Local Success, Until it Counted

To local sports teams, 2016 was a very good year when it came to regular season results, at least for most of them. The Rangers finished with 95 wins – the most in the American League. The Stars earned 109 points – tops in the Western Conference last April. And the Cowboys’ 13 wins as 2017 comes to a close are tied with the Patriots for most in the entire NFL. The Mavericks? Well, not so much. But no one’s perfect.

Unfortunately for the Rangers and Stars, the playoffs had other ideas. Texas … Read More »

Rogue One Review

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This review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is spoiler-free. If I consider myself an expert on anything, it’s this incredible saga that was my first love as a kid (and I have yet to grow up). It’s always exciting to see the newest installment when it hits the big screen. This one was no exception.

So this is what a Star Wars prequel is supposed to look like.

OK, so Rogue One isn’t officially a prequel to the original Star Wars. It literally is a “Star Wars story.”

And it’s a good one.

Want to know what the connection is for Rogue One to the original saga? Simply watch the beginning verbiage crawl from Episode IV: A New Hope and the first two paragraphs basically describes what this movie is about.

It tells the story of how the newly formed rebellion stole the … Read More »

Conference Championship Barometer

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A look at this weekend’s conference championship games, Reverse Barometer style. Consider your picks wisely; pick the opposite of what I say (Except for Bama. Even the Barometer can’t beat them).

ACC Championship: Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

The question is – which Clemson team is going to show up? The one that lost to Pitt and should have vs. NC State? Or the one that beat Louisville and home and Auburn on the road? This game will have the biggest impact on the playoff because the Hokies have the capability of eliminating their entire conference with a title game win. The Tigers should win, but you never know with this bunch. Clemson 36, Virginia Tech 27

Big Ten Championship: Wisconsin vs. Penn State

Two Big Ten teams may still get in the playoff. The weird part – the winner of this game might not … Read More »

Instant Impact

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The NFL has never seen anything like this. Two rookies on the same team, on the same side of  the ball no less, both front-runners for offensive rookie of the year.

Incredible. And you can make a case for both to also be MVP.

The Dallas Cowboys have never won eight regular season games in a row. Ever. They have the opportunity to do so this Sunday at Pittsburgh with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott leading the way.

Yes, the NFL Draft has paid dividends for Jerry Jones and his staff finally. This actually started a few years ago when the Cowboys went on a run of taking offensive linemen like Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zach Martin. There is no way that Prescott and Elliott have the success they have enjoyed over the first half of the season without that great line.

But … Read More »

Party Crashers

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What’s it take to make the College Football Playoff? Let me count the ways (at least for our local interests in the Big 12 and SEC).

Let’s start with the easy ones to figure out – teams which are currently undefeated and basically control their own destiny.

Or do they?

Baylor and West Virginia are currently perfect on their respective seasons. They still play each other, so both can’t go unblemished. One might make it through unscathed, but I doubt it. If I had to pick, West Virginia might be the best bet. Mainly because they have a defense.

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that one of the Big 12 teams does go undefeated. Guess what? They probably still need help.

How so? Well, let’s start with the four spots in the CFP and probability. There’s a good chance that Alabama goes 13-0. Heck, … Read More »