Mavs Still Viewing Worthy

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“How are you doing?”….“Isn’t this sad?”….“I feel sorry for you.”

I’ve been getting a lot of that since the Mavericks season started, and potentially imploded soon thereafter. My answers to those questions, comments and many others of their ilk is always the same — I have the honor and privilege that only 29 other people in the world have — to do radio play-by-play in the greatest basketball league in the world. I get to watch the greatest players in the world do their thing, while also watching how coaches try to scheme to allow or prevent those players from doing their thing. It’s the greatest job anyone could ever have. So, the Mavericks are off to a horrible start. Maybe they won’t be able to recover from their 3-13 start. Maybe this is, indeed, the end of a glorious period. … Read More »

It’s a Special Weekend In Dallas

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It is a rite of autumn and truly one of the great things about living in DFW. The Texas-Oklahoma game at the Cotton Bowl (Yes, Texas name goes first because they won last year).

There’s nothing like the scene around the State Fair of Texas. The fans yelling Texas Fight or Boomer Sooner. Nothing like the scene inside the Cotton Bowl with the south end populated by OU fans and the north end by Texas, with the 50-yard line being the dividing line. Nothing like that moment when the teams run through the tunnel before kickoff, and you think of how many great players, coaches and teams have done just that. If you love college football, your hair is standing up right now just thinking about it. If you don’t love college football and get to experience that moment you WILL … Read More »

Briles Speaks

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We’re a week into the college football season and fresh off an opening weekend like none the great game has experienced before. There were important matchups between ranked teams, maybe even more importantly major schools with huge appeal lining up to play each other often times with stunning results. The effect of the College Football Playoff was on full display. Strength of schedule matters. Fans were the big winners. So was ESPN whose Texas-Notre Dame telecast was the second highest rated telecast of an opening weekend game (exceeded only by Miami-Florida State in 2005) ever. Now about the slate of games in Week 2…not nearly close to as compelling as there are exactly NO games between ranked teams. TCU-Arkansas is the top game of the week, but with all due respect to those schools and their fans, that’s not going … Read More »

The Book on Barnes

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For years, Mavericks fans have been pining to get players who are younger and more athletic. Not to mention players with pedigree. So you would think that if the Mavericks were able to acquire the services of a 24-year-old, former seventh overall selection in the NBA Draft, who was the number one ranked player coming out of High School, that their fans might be high fiving and doing cartwheels. But there has been no such reaction to the arrival of Harrison Barnes.

Indeed, the arrival of Barnes has been met with anger by some, angst by others, and indifference by even more who are convinced that no matter who the Mavericks decide to sign it won’t move the needle one way or the other. Much of it, of course, has to do with the size of Barnes contract: Four years/$94 million … Read More »

Mavs Refuse to Blow it Up

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Blow it up…Rebuild…Do right by Dirk…Don’t tank…Try to win…Get younger. All of them were sentiments describing Mavericks fans feelings toward their team as they entered this summer. Indeed, you’re excused if your head was spinning just a little.

But hear it here first – the Mavericks were NEVER going to blow it up. Not as long as Dirk is here, and, maybe more importantly, not as long as Mark Cuban is the owner. They’re both just way too competitive to allow that to happen.

Dirk wants to finish his career here, the way Kobe Bryant did in L.A. and Tim Duncan just did in San Antonio. There is still a lot left in his tank, and there might even be more if the Mavs can somehow reduce his minutes to about 28-30 a game. It’s why the recent acquisitions of Harrison Barnes … Read More »

Did the Mavs Find a Gem in Hammons?

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For about a decade now, the Dallas Mavericks have admittedly not prioritized the NBA Draft, and it has hurt them as they’ve scrambled yearly to cobble a roster together, while not gaining assets that could potentially be developed into long-term, solid players.

That philosophy started to change last year, however, with the selection of Justin Anderson. Sure, they still wasted the 52nd pick last year by choosing Satnam Singh – as a favor to agent Dan Fegan – in the ill-fated pursuit of DeAndre Jordan, but their new “development” philosophy continued on last night with the selection of Purdue center A.J. Hammons with the 46th pick.

When Anderson was chosen with the 21st pick overall, he was a three-year player and a two-year starter on a highly successful Virginia team that reached the #1 ranking in the nation during the season. He … Read More »

Cavs vs. Warriors Part 2

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So here we are. The moment that most thought would happen before the NBA season began. Warriors and Cavaliers playing for the championship. A rematch of last year’s Finals in which Golden State prevailed in six games.

Momentary aside: It is this expectation that drives people who aren’t totally into the NBA just crazy beyond belief. There is order in the NBA that happens in no other sport. The chalk is just that. Home court advantage matters more (especially in Game 7s). In fact, in NBA history there have only been two champions (1969 Celtics as a four seed, and 1995 Rockets as a 6th), who have ever been seeded lower than third. But because of that chalk, what you generally get are the teams who’ve been the best all year actually playing for the title. No interlopers allowed.

That aside sets … Read More »

Banister Does it His Way

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Coaching is a hard job. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. Whether it’s Little League or the Major Leagues, the job comes with its own unique set of challenges.

In the Rangers case, Jeff Banister has made it clear that he trusts his players to go out and do their jobs. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all to see him allow Shawn Tolleson try to work his way out of what has been a horrific early season slump. Tolleson delivered for him last year, and he wasn’t going to cut bait and run until there was incontrovertible proof.

Unfortunately, that proof game happened when he served up the Tuesday night grand slam to the A’s Khris Davis, a shot that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Yes, players were upset. Yes, fans were probably even more upset.

But … Read More »

There’s Nothing Like the Playoffs

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I have a saying I’ve stuck with forever when it comes to sports watching: “Playoff anything is better than regular season anything.” And thus, with all due respect to the start of the baseball season, and the NFL Draft of which everyone can’t seem to get enough, the NBA and NHL Playoffs are what are on my screen each and every night.

I’d like to tell you about the local NBA team making it’s name in the playoffs, but unfortunately the Mavericks were just too outmanned and too injured to really make Oklahoma City sweat (it was the ultimate bringing a knife to a gunfight), and thus the long off season of trying to figure out how to make this team better has begun.

But it’s a different story on the ice at the AAC. Let me tell you about the Dallas … Read More »

Mavs in Playoff Mode

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Grit and grind.

That’s been the motto of the Memphis Grizzlies these last six seasons to produce the third longest active streak of consecutive winning seasons behind San Antonio (19) and Oklahoma City (7). Yet right now the NBA’s ultimate grit and grind team are the Mavericks, as they attempt to match a season best six game winning streak tonight at the American Airlines Center against those aforementioned Grizzlies.

How it’s happened is nothing short of astonishing. NBA teams just don’t change their stripes 70 games into an NBA season, but sometimes, desperate times call for and produce desperate measures, and when the Mavericks allowed 133 points and 62.2 percent shooting to the Sacramento Kings on March 27, desperation was the order of the day. They had just lost their tenth game in their last twelve. They had allowed 120+ points in … Read More »