Oh To Be 23

Posted on November 18th, by Marty Turco in All. 1 Comment

So what we were you doing when you were 23 years old?  I barely remember myself. Well that’s not really true. Actually I’d just as soon forget. Were you starting to work, or back in school, or worse, still in school? Its safe to say our perspective on life hadn’t been fully formed yet.  Wait, perspective? What was that?!


And for those of you not far removed from the aforementioned 23, please stop the snide ‘I am so cool’ and ‘you’re not hip anymore old man’ remarks.  I know I ‘totally don’t get you’ and ‘like, I do not want to man.’ I am just jealous of you’re ability to forget pertinent things, recover quickly from almost anything and watch South Park without waiting to be alone.  In fact, I just wanna sleep in like I was 23 … Read More »

Marty Turco – It’s About Time

Posted on November 8th, by Marty Turco in All. 1 Comment

“Hey Marty, wanna try writing for us?” (anonymous ScoreBoard editor). I replied “Of course, I’m ready!” Although my real first thought really was, I hate proof reading….. I hope Tom fixes it. Well here is my first offering:

When we all set our clocks back recently, we gained a very precious hour. Since we live in the ‘I want my news now’ world, and thanks to smart phones, social media, and evaporating conversational skills, our need (and demand) to know it NOW, got me thinking. Some of my recent inbox of current real time news falls under the category of “it’s about time” news. Some current happenings should have been in the news long ago, and not being discussed in current water cooler conversations. (wait, does that happen anymore?)

George Strait, CMA’s 2013 Entertainer of the Year? … Read More »