Zero Rings in Philly – A Tradition


Sometimes it’s good to be a Cowboys fan.

Oh, well, of course we’d all rather the Boys be in the Super Bowl right now, but they’re not. So let’s take a look at what makes the Cowboys the Cowboys, despite the fact that they are one of just three teams to not appear in the NFC Championship Game over the last 20 years.

Let’s not focus on the negatives, shall we?

How about the fact that it really comes down to rings, doesn’t it? Dallas has five Super Bowl Rings. New England also has five rings. Philly? Zero.

And that is glorious.

So, being a Cowboys fan makes it quite simple on who to root for in a Super Bowl where more people are rooting for a meteor to hit than someone to win it.

People are tired of the Patriots, and with good reason – they win. A lot. Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback of all-time and he’s on the threshold of adding rings to his second hand. Bill Belichick? Yes, he needs to lighten up when talking to the media but the man simply wins (despite being a cheater from time to time).

But wait, shouldn’t the Cowboys fan in us be torn in all this? I mean, New England is about to pass Dallas in rings. Pittsburgh already did it a few years ago and San Francisco and the Giants are breathing down our necks too.

Nope. One number trumps all of that – zero. Zero rings for Philly. To quote Brad Hamilton from Fast Times at Ridgemont High:

Yes, the definition of rivalry is the act of rooting as hard against another team almost as much as you root for your own. No team fits that mold better for the Dallas Cowboy fan than the Eagles.

And the Redskins aren’t Dallas’ primary rival either. That died about the time Daniel Snyder bought the team (and ran them into the ground) as well as when free agency came along. Gone are the days of George Allen and Joe Theismann and Harvey Martin throwing a wreath into the Washington locker room after a Cowboys division win. Heck, San Francisco and Pittsburgh rank in front of Washington on the rivalry scale these days, maybe even Green Bay. I think even the Giants passed the Redskins for Cowboys fans.

Now, am I rooting for New England or against Philadelphia? Does it really matter? No, just do whatever it takes to keep the tradition alive with no parades for the Eagles in downtown Philadelphia.

I will admit I am surprised that the Eagles made it this far after Carson Wentz went down. But kudos to Nick Foles for performing like a champion vs. Atlanta and Minnesota. The real reason they’ve made it to the Super Bowl is head coach Doug Pederson though, and he’s done a bang-up job.

But now they get to face Brady and Belichick, the two-headed monster that has delivered a bunch of rings over the years. Anyone else betting against them on Sunday? I didn’t think so.

So I’m rooting for a New England win. Let ‘em have their six rings; we’ll catch up later. Maybe. Or root for that meteor or natural disaster. As long as it results in zero rings for Philly, I’m in.





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