Video Friday

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Every now and then a viral video catches our attention and we feel the need to roll out our favorite YouTube sensations. The vid that grabbed us this week is the amazing “nanny-cam” footage of a toddler rescuing his twin brother from underneath a bedroom dresser that had fallen on both of them. If you’re the lone person that has yet to see it, it’s worthy of a view.

Now you have to admit that is one strong (and motivated) 2-year-old, and it got us wondering about other super human pre-schoolers, agile infants and bad-ass babies. So we did a quick search and found the following snippets:

First off is this kid who not only has super baby strength, but also the “roided-out” attitude we want our clean and jerk toddlers to have…

Second up is a pint-sized Spiderman. Not sure how we feel about the kid’s supervision (continuing to film while watching a baby dangle precariously off a high chair), but that is one self-sufficient little dude…

Our third contestant may not be demonstrating any actual feats of strength, but he certainly has the showmanship part down…

And finally, while not a video, we just had to share this pic (cause we think it’s funny)……..

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