Gators Heading to Baton Rouge Makes No Sense


Really, SEC? You’re going to just let the inmates run the asylum?

florida-lsuThat’s what I see when it was announced on Thursday that the LSU at Florida game would be made up on Nov. 19, reluctantly by LSU. And somehow AT LSU.

Huh? At least Florida negotiated. LSU basically gave Greg Sankey the Heisman on any possibility of playing the game at Florida, of which the contest was originally scheduled.

Sure, that makes sense.

Florida now loses a home game and LSU gains one. Yep, that’s fair. Never mind that everyone in the SEC gets four games at home and four on the road in the final standings. Nah – let LSU have their way.

By the way, LSU, very short-sighted on your part. Next year, you get to play five SEC games on the road (since Florida gets paid back), and they’re just trips to Alabama, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Mississippi State and the Gators.

No problem.

Bottom line – Sankey should have put his foot down, told LSU that the game would be re-scheduled at Florida on Nov. 19, and to show up or be massively fined (and forfeit).

Tennessee surely appreciates it, because they may need Florida to get another loss on their ledger to ensure wining the East. A road game at Death Valley might be just the ticket.

Great solution, SEC. I’m sure it all comes down to money anyway (it always does). But letting LSU dictate any of the terms was simply bad ball.


A Little Bonus Reverse Barometer

barometerIowa State (+13.5) at Texas: Think Charlie Strong is on the hot seat now? Watch what would happen if the Cyclones walk into Austin and win. But we won’t see that. Need a cure to your ills in the Big 12? Call up Kansas or Iowa State on the schedule. The Texas offense will hum in this one and the defense will look like, well, a defense. This game is over early, as Texas scores three touchdowns in the first quarter. Horns 49, Iowa State 17

Kansas State (+10.5) at Oklahoma: This one is tricky, just because of turnovers. Take care of the ball and OU will walk all over Kansas State. But I smell some fumbles coming the Wildcats’ way to make this one closer than it needs to be. Baker Mayfield cleans up the mess in the fourth quarter, but not before a little nail biting in Norman. Sooners 27, Kansas State 21

Alabama (-13) at Tennessee: Wait, the No. 9 team in the country is a double-digit underdog at home this week? Yep. Only Alabama can do that. But is Bama 13 points better than the Vols at Rocky Top? Well, if you judge Tennessee on how they’ve gone about their business this season, perhaps. But this is a rivalry game, and I saw Tennessee with my own eyes last week at Kyle Field. They have as many athletes on the roster as any SEC team. The problem, though – they cant block. They couldn’t block the Aggies and they certainly won’t be able to block the Tide. I do like the Volunteers to cover the spread though. Bama 36, Tennessee 26

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