What Will Jerry Do?


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones – driven by delusion, admiration or misdirection – is suggesting the Cowboys don’t need an heir to Tony Romo from this year’s NFL Draft. Or, for the next half-decade of NFL Drafts.

Is North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz destined to be a Cowboy?

“What is the one unequivocal fact that you can count on relative to the preparation of this draft and on draft day is that I’m planning on Romo being the quarterback for the next four or five years,” Jones said Saturday while aboard the Cowboys “party bus” in Indy holding court for the Scouting Combine media. “That’s a fact. You won’t see a decision on draft day that will fly in the face of not believing, from our standpoint, that (Romo) will be our quarterback for four or five years.”

Delusional Jerry? Yes, because it’s not realistic to expect any QB to play this game to the age of 40 – and not wise to have a contingency plan when that initial visit almost inevitably fails.

Admiring Jerry? That’s a huge part of this. Jones is desperately in love with the idea of helping Romo to the Super Bowl and thinks he’s deserving of it in part because of his alpha-male style. Basically, Jerry thinks Romo is Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.”

Misdirection Jerry? Yeah, because while Jones’ remarks sure sound like the boss is hinting that the Cowboys won’t use the fourth-overall pick on a quarterback…it’s only February. And the boss doesn’t make these decisions unilaterally. And there is no way to be certain about what Dallas thinks yet about Cal quarterback Jared Goff, or North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, or Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch…or of a handful of non-QBs that will be among the options at the top of the draft.

Jones went on, following his Romo-related headline-grabber to issue a more-rational but less ballyhooed-thought. “There’s no one breathing that has any idea at this time what we’re going to do with that first pick because I don’t,” Jones said.

Now we’re talking.

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