What Exactly is the Definition of “Help”?


Some of the people offering “help” to Johnny Manziel actually seem more interested to helping themselves to a ride on his infamous coattails. That’s surely the case with Charlie Sheen, who took to Twitter to advise the troubled former Texas A&M hero. It’s likely the case with Cardinals Tyrann Mathieu, who also used the social-media platform to instruct Manziel to “hit me up, bra.”

Honey Badger’s thoughtful missive was retweeted 9,300 times, Sheen’s 6,201. So Charlie Sheen still isn’t … “WINNING.”

johnny-manzielThe Browns, with plans to release him by or around March 9,  are now hands-off here (despite their owner Jimmy Haslem offering that he wants to help Johnny — which, of course, we know because Haslem informed the media of his good-heartedness.) Oddly enough, DFW law-enforcement officials also seem “hands-off” when they should actually be employing handcuffs, given the charge of domestic violence that stands against a young man whose own father fears he’ll be “dead by 24.”

The latest is to extend a hand is Earl Campbell, and we bet his desires here are more pure, if also wildly desperate. The University of Texas legend thinks his shared Heisman Trophy status with Manziel might cause the aimless QB to listen to Campbell’s perspective.

“I think some former Heisman winners like myself, some Hall of Famers that have done it all, he should sit down and listen to what we have to say because we’ve been through it all,” Campbell told ESPN. “I would tell him that I used to be 23 years old. At one point I had Texas in the palm of my hand as far as an athlete. At a very young age, my mother said it’s not so important what you do now, it’s what you do over your lifetime. … We’ve got to get him some help.”

Campbell’s offer is lovely, as is his use of the word “we” – a sharp contrast to dad Paul Manziel’s public plea that “they” help his son. But ultimately, this isn’t a “Heisman family” problem or a “Texas guys” problem or a “Twitter celebrity problem.” (And no, Cowboys fans, this isn’t your problem, either)

Working on the fairly safe assumption that there are substance-abuse issues in play here, and mental-health issues here, and serious get-this-alleged-criminal-off-the-street issues here, Johnny Manziel’s problems are not an issue for the “we’s” above, but rather for his Dad’s vague “they.”  The Manziel family is alone in possessing the legal authority and the DNA drive to be Johnny’s chance at hope.

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