I Want to Care Again


One and zero. Those are my numbers on the Super Bowl square sheet. Not bad right? I mean 21-10 seems like a reasonable possibility. Just one problem, though –  Denver would need to have the 21 and Carolina the 10 – and I don’t see that happening. I would like it to happen, in fact I would like it to be the score at the end of every quarter. But the truth is I don’t really care who wins the game – and I hate that. I want to care.

It seems that the further removed the Cowboys get from this game, the less interested I become in it. Someone asked the other day, “who you got in the Super Bowl?” I did not have an answer for him. Six days out and I had not really thought about it. Since I knew the question would come again and again, I began to think about it and decided that I think Carolina will win, but I want Denver to win.

Ware has made it to the Super Bowl with the Broncos, something he never came close to with the Cowboys

Like everyone else, I root for Denver because of Peyton Manning. That dude is funny and cool and has not been decorated enough for his talent level. Still, if the Broncos win, he will have very little to do with it. He can barely throw the ball 15 yards. They’ll win because of that defense anchored by DeMarcus Ware and coordinated by Wade Phillips. See what I did there? I brought it back to the Cowboys. Ok Peyton has no Dallas ties, but the other two obviously do and they give me a reason to care.

Still that is a contrived reason, and it’s manufactured passion and a bit of a stretch. Besides, it is not enough of a reason for my bosses to justify sending me to the Super Bowl to cover it. I need the Cowboys back there, damnit.

I saw Jason Witten on a panel discussion on the NFL Network yesterday. He said all the right things, he smiled for the camera, he looked…young. But he is not young nor is he getting any younger, and if you want to find a man who has not been decorated enough for his talent level, look no further than the Cowboys tight end. Tony Romo also deserves a trip there and quick – before that surgically repaired back gives out.

There are other players in the league and even other players on the Cowboys team that deserve a trip to Super Bowl 51. Yeah, I guess we aren’t using Roman Numerals anymore. Have you noticed every logo for this year’s game has 50 not L? It’s OK by me –  now I’m not forced to google “Roman Numeral Chart” every year anymore. Besides there are only two numbers I care about this year, 1 & 0.  Enjoy the game. I will…if those numbers come up.

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John Rhadigan has called Texas home for nearly 25 years, having spent 11 years at NBC 5 as a sports reporter/anchor and 13 years as an anchor at Fox Sports SW. Rhadigan is the recipient of more than a dozen Emmy Awards for sports reporting and anchoring.


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