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IRVING – About once a week now, some story comes from somewhere regarding “all these problems” in Dez Bryant’s life or “all these problems” in Dez Bryant’s decisions or “all these problems” in Dez Bryant’s Cowboys future.

Yet the real  “all-these-problem” tales operate in direct conflict with what Dez himself says keeps telling me, keeps telling you, keeps telling teammates.

There are no sure-fire promises of happiness and peace here, just as there is no guarantee that negotiations focusing almost completely on years and guaranteed money (and yes, those are the issues, not some Walmart Unicorn) will result in the “Cowboys-For-Life” deal that all involved wish for.

But what does Dez tell me about the “all-these-problems” problems? “I’m  the one making the decisions on who to trust and who to be surrounded by,’’ Bryant says. dez-bryant-jordan-brand-1“I’ve surrounded myself with people who I think deserve to be trusted.”

And what does Dez tell teammates about the  “all-these-problem” problems? Know that on the morning after prized rookie La’el Collins was recruited by Jerry Jones to sign with Dallas, Bryant got on the phone with the kid to assure him, “(Jerry) has your back.”

With all due respect to the opinions of people not named “Dez” … shouldn’t the opinions of the person named “Dez” carry the greater weight?

Dez told me Thursday that he was in the middle of spending a few hours at Valley Ranch. Was it a contractual visit? Not really, though he certainly made it a point to stop by the offices of his bosses. A chance to get in a lift? Sure, though there are hundreds of places in DFW to do that if he wanted to make a show of “staying away” from team headquarters. Showing unity with the guys who are engaged in voluntary workouts without him while he awaits progress from his franchise-tag situation? Bingo.

The Thursday visit is another sign that contrary to what many say, there simply isn’t a high level of acrimony here. A very good thing…a chance for the only real concern among “all these problems” – a new deal to eventually get solved.

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