In Cleveland, Orange is the New…Orange

Posted on February 24th, by Timm Matthews in All, NFL. No Comments

Did you see the awesome changes that the Cleveland Browns have made in their helmet? Now get this for radical…they changed the shade of orange and made the face mask brown instead of white! You won’t even recognize them next time you see them play. The team with easily the ugliest helmets in the league and among the worst uniforms and colors in all of sports, has changed the shade of orange and made the face masks brown. AND, this is the result of a two year project to “update” their uniforms. Cleveland-Browns-new-logos-2015-compare-590x630They really needed two years to come up with that? My six year old niece could have done that during her lunch time at kindergarten.

To be fair, the team says they will unveil the total new uniforms in about 2 weeks. We can only hold our breath that the “new orange” is being used. Uniforms used to be a small matter that teams would only change every couple of decades but the University of Oregon changed all of that. The Ducks showed the world that bright colors, even colors that aren’t part of your school colors, can get a lot of attention. New uniforms and colors may not make you play better on the field, but if you go back ten years when Oregon started experimenting with the crazy uni’s, they were just another team. Since the uniforms caught everyone’s eyes (high school prospects included) the Ducks have become one of the best teams in the country.

Tradition is fine and that’s what the Browns say kept them from doing anything more drastic, but who are we kidding? The Cleveland Browns tradition isn’t that rich. Just because you go back a long way, doesn’t mean you’re steeped in tradition. Otto Graham and Bernie Kosar aren’t the greatest legacy in the NFL. Why not jazz up the uniforms a bit–it’s hard to make a logo out of a “Brown” but they’ve had the Dog Pound for years so why not go with that? A bulldog on the side of the helmet would be great and appropriate.

I can’t believe that a two year study didn’t reveal that Browns fans, and NFL fans in general, wouldn’t eat up a bunch of new merchandise with new logo’s and updated colors. That means money, and what team isn’t looking for new ways to create a money stream? Oh yea, the Browns. You’ve got Johnny Manziel as your quarterback (in theory) who is one of the most marketable players in the league and you follow that up with a brand new look and maybe you change the image of the team, which, if you get outside the greater Cleavland area code, stinks.

Nobody gives the Browns or Cleveland a second thought. The Browns are the only team in the league who’s primary logo is its helmet. “Departing from that would be too radical a departure,” team president Alec Scheiner said. Too radical? To actually have a logo and not just an orange helmet…are you kidding me? This was a golden opportunity for the Browns to try and turn things around, excite their fans and maybe even their players, who can’t be too pumped up to put that ugly-ass uniform on every Sunday.

You drafted Johnny Manziel for God’s sake – how much more radical can you get?

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