Troubling Pattern For Randle

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IRVING – Joseph Randle tweeted last week that he’s “Learning the value of a good lawyer each day.”

If his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child is telling the truth, Randle’s assessment of his legal situation is correct…and maybe the most astute thought this kid’s brain has manufactured in some time.

While sources tell me the Cowboys’ investigation of the situation leads them to believe domestic violence was not involved when a police call from a Wichita, Kansas hotel led to the backup running back being listed on the police department’s “arrest’’ list, Dalia Jacobs tells a story involving violence and gun-play.


Randle’s October mugshot when he was arrested for shoplifting cologne and underwear from a Dillard’s

Jacobs tells KWCH-TV:  “Joseph puts his gun up. He walks back to the car, he looks in it, and then he just punches it with his fist. Glass splatters everywhere. There’s glass in my son’s hair. It hit him and that’s when he starts crying.”

The incident, which resulted in a 3 a.m. call to the police is still being investigated.

Ronald’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, initially insisted his client was “ticketed’’ rather than “arrested.’’ But that’s a semantic difference that seems immaterial if Jacobs is accurate in her description of the meeting that both sides arranged so Randle could see his infant son. Randle’s defiant agent has since gone silent on Twitter and Randle has deleted his cute tweets about lawyers and such. Their silence is deafening.

The report says the situation led Jacobs to file a protection from abuse order, and that the state is now intervening to get Randle – the Cowboys backup running back scheduled to make $585,000 this year – to pay his child support. There are always two sides to these stories, but there are fewer forms of scumbaggery lower than being a deadbeat dad.

Are there holes in the story? Yes, including why the police came on the scene after a man put a fist through a window and let him skate. Is Randle in trouble with both the Cowboys and the law? Yes, because Dallas’ initial conclusion regarding what happened must now be re-examined. Do the Cowboys now also have to re-assess their belief that Randle – a potential heir to the throne of free-agent rushing champ DeMarco Murray — is more “knucklehead” than “troublemaker?”  Yup. Is there a basic lesson to be learned from this, way outside of football, by all young men and women? Of course.

On 105.3 The Fan, I’ve half-jokingly created the catchphrase “Condoms, Bro, Condoms” as a three-word solution to all that ails mankind. But it applies here, with babies making babies and then allowing their infantile behavior spilling into a parking lot of a Wichita hotel at 3 a.m.

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