Lynch Needs to Grow Up

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I’m just writing this column so I won’t get fined. I don’t want to write this article, I’d rather be doing something constructive like playing video games or listening to music or taking a nap, but I’m writing so I won’t get fined. I know a lot of people might like to write about sports and even get paid to do it, but that’s not really my bag. I just happened to fall into this gig and part of the deal says that I have to write, so I’m doing that again, so I won’t get fined.

I may not be Frank Caliendo but that’s a pretty good impression of Marshawn Lynch. Lynch, as we all know, is the extremely talented and incredibly immature running back for the Seattle Seahawks. For the past few years he’s made almost as big a name for himself by refusing to talk with the media as he has running over linebackers. Trust me on this, when his career is over (very shortly) he will be much better known for his child-like attitude towards the media as he will for his running skills. As a running back, Lynch is St Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawkstough, physical and punishing but hardly a Hall-of-Fame type running back. He’s already been fined $50,000 for refusing to talk with the media after games, and the NFL threatened to fine him half a million dollars if he took the same attitude at this week’s Super Bowl press conferences. Like all infantile athletes, he likes money too much to continue his silent stand this week. Still Lynch was at his podium about an hour less than all of his teammates on Tuesday.

Whatever point he’s trying to make by not speaking, it obviously isn’t important enough to him to throw money away…which should tell you just how important his stance is. Personally I think he now enjoys the media throng in front of him so he can make headlines and soundbites by repeating the same mantra over and over again. Players’ contracts stipulate that a player make himself available to the media after games and at designated times (like Super Bowl week). By repeating some inane sentence to every and any question that’s asked of him, Lynch figures that satisfies the contract term, even though he never actually answers any questions. Legally maybe it does, and God knows with the players union and Roger Goodell’s office already at odds the union is watching every step to make sure Lynch is following protocol.

But just because he might get away with this act doesn’t mean it’s cool. Some athletes love the cameras and some hate them, it’s always been that way. But even though Larry Allen was hardly a “quote-making fool” during his glory days with the Cowboys, he always gave an answer. We hardly ever used his quotes because they were so bad, but he tried. In all honesty, Randy White and Troy Aikman were bad interviews during their playing days but they knew they were key players and were expected to talk. Some of the best interviews were players who barely got in the game.

Lynch is putting on his act because he thinks it makes him cool…pure and simple. He could give bland answers to questions if he wanted and just chalk it up to one of the “hassles” of making $8 million dollars a year to play pro football but he can’t even fake that. Because of his ridiculous attitude and selfishness around his teammates who might actually be thankful for their ability and being in the Super Bowl, I can only hope he fumbles twice and manages only 66 yards rushing in a losing game for Seattle. Chew on that!

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