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The college bowl season officially gets going this weekend, and we’re sure all of you have filled out your bowl pool sheets. What’s that? You haven’t? Well, then how about some fun with stats to help you make your final decisions. Who you going with? Alabama, which has more all-time bowl wins than anyone else at 34? Or maybe Ole Miss and Florida State, who share¬†the longest current bowl winning streaks at six games each? Texas leads Arkansas in their all-tie series, 56-21. Maybe that’s an omen for the Texas Bowl (unless you believe in the “due theory,” which favors them Hogs). Did you know that Nebraska has the most all-time bowl losses of any team with 25? Tennessee and Ohio State are right behind them at 24.

Untitled Infographic

Infographics are fun. Good luck in your Bowl Pools!


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  1. Some times I feel that if it were possible to put all the teams in a bag and shake them up then you went back in there and pulled them back out you would still have the same thing that you started with. Let the good time roll, what the hell.

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