Rangers Need to Learn from Giants

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What did we all learn from the Giants win Wednesday night over the Royals in game seven of the World Series? What we learned, and hopefully Jon Daniels and the Rangers learned it as well, is that you can never have too many good pitchers. Sure it’s great to pick up Shin-Soo Choo last off-season, nice to have a consistent leadoff hitter and steady outfielder, and great to have another power hitter (even though I never liked the deal) in the 300 lb Prince Fielder, especially if he would have had played for more than 30 minutes before missing the majority of the season with a neck injury. But what the Rangers need to learn from San Francisco is that a team filled with average hitting, solid defense and outstanding pitching will get you pretty far in major league baseball. Professional sports is all about copying the success of winners. Three World Series titles in the Madison_Bumgarner_on_September_3,_2013past 5 years is dynasty-like, so do what the Giants are doing.

Did anyone even notice that “The Freak,” Tim Lincecum did nothing in the World Series or any of the rest of the playoffs? That’s how deep San Francisco is in pitching, Lincecum was never needed. All he’s done in the past 7 years is win two Cy Young awards, throw two no-hitters and be instrumental in the previous two World Series for the Giants. He signed a two-year $35 million dollar deal after last year so the Giants obviously thought pretty highly of him just a few months ago. Hell, he threw a no-hitter back in June and by August he wasn’t even in the Giants starting rotation anymore. How can they be that deep in pitching?

The Rangers need to develop young pitchers already in their system but more importantly, stop doing what the Rangers always seem to do, acquiring hitters. Nobody in the Giants batting order strikes fear in pitchers hearts. Sure Pablo Sandoval can hit and Hunter Pence is solid when he stands still long enough to swing the bat. But catcher Buster Posey was worthless at the plate this Series, and Morse, Crawford and Panik are far from a Murderer’s Row. None of it matters if you have Madison Bumgarner on the mound. That’s what Daniels and the Rangers need to learn  – do whatever they can to stock pile pitchers. Yu Darvish is awesome and a great find for the Rangers but they need to find five more that are close to Darvish. Unfortunately they’re weighted down (pun intended) with Fielder’s massive contract, which makes it financially challenging to sign a bunch of pitchers, but somehow they have to do it.

Think about this – before this recent title run the Giants last won the World Series in 1922, 1933 and 1954. That’s more than 50 years between their last title and when they won it all against the Rangers in 2010. But since Brian Sabean started assembling this pitching staff and committed to pitching above all else, the Giants have dominated in the post-season. Maybe the Rangers took notes, maybe not. We’ll see in the off-season. If they try to get us all excited about an outfielder or second baseman, we’ll know that nothing is going to change in Arlington.



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