Welcome to the Twilight Zone


“You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!” – spoken in my best Rod Serling timbre.

If you have been in outer space or on a desert island or spelunking in a dark cave near the center of the earth for a while and suddenly checked some sports headlines and highlights, you might just think someone is playing a cruel joke on you…peeking around the corner for Ashton Kutcher “punking” you, or for the older generation, seeing if Alan Funt is anywhere to be found.

Let’s see…besides LeBron’s return to Cleveland, Vanderbilt winning the College World Series and the star of the Little World Series being a flame-throwing young lady who captured America’s heart, just wait…it gets even better.

82aaa2826b4bfd6549afd988cbd29ce6There must be some kind of miracle water in the Magnolia State…Mississippi State is #1 and Ole Miss is #3? Both schools ripping up the SEC West and at this rate, the annual Egg Bowl, this season in Oxford, will end up as the Faberge Egg Bowl…quite a prize to the victor.

The Dallas Cowboys are 5-1 and making waves in the NFL for the first time in over a decade…and by running the ball?? DeMarco Murray’s name is now spoken in the same breath as Jim Brown in the annals of history with his streak of 100-yard games…Brown. Sanders. Murray?  Is he really that good? Well this year he is.

Dare I say Cowboys vs. Chargers in the Super Bowl? Sure, why not?!

Back_to_the_Future_-_The_Flux_CapacitorKansas City Royals are teeing off at a nearby country club as usual this time of year…wait…what?  World Series? How many consecutive wins? They’ve hit how many home runs? What year is this? Well it’s not quite 1985, but the Royals sure think it is and they are making believers of everyone. Bowling For Soup’s “1985” tune will have a whole new meaning in Kansas City. Dust off your Flux Capacitor and find the keys to the DeLorean…next stop World Series.

So no, you aren’t crazy. All of this is really happening.  As they say, anything is possible in this wacky wide world of sports. Based on this year’s unorthodox occurrences, don’t be shocked in 2015 to see the Cubs in the World Series or a Lions vs. Browns Super Bowl or Jerry Jones finding a way to make a bid to try and host the PGA Championship inside AT&T Stadium…OK, now maybe you have been Punk’d.

Let’s just ride this wave and see what other magic the coming weeks may have in store.

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Shaun Lenerose has worked in DFW, in and around the sports scene, for over 15 years. Having worked in sports radio and television as a host, reporter and producer, he has covered everything from NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, CHL and high school team sports to PGA & NASCAR and beyond.


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