Too Many Voices

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Will it ever stop? That’s a question I’m asking myself in regards to the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies. I’m not talking about the acts that those two players are guilty of but the responses from seemingly everywhere, telling all of us what should be done about it. The latest, in what will almost surely be a weekly sports controversy, is happening on the University of Michigan campus. Many know the story by now, Michigan quarterback Shane Morris was hit hard with a helmet-to-helmet hit in Saturday’s game with Minnesota. Morris got up wobbly but waved off a replacement. He played another down, went to the sideline, was evaluated by the training staff and allowed to go back in the game. After the game he was re-evaluated and determined to have suffered a concussion. Because of the mistakes made on the sideline, protests have flared up on campus with students marching and demanding that athletic director Dave Brandon and head coach Brady Hoke be fired.


Seth Rogen called for Roger Goodell’s firing

Why are we in an era when apparently everyone thinks they have a say in employment matters that have nothing to do with them? One of the student’s leading the protest–on the school president’s front lawn by the way–was quoted as saying “we’re students at Michigan and we have a voice, that needs to be heard.” No you don’t. Where does it say that being one of 50,000 kids on the Michigan campus gives you a say in school matters, especially ones as high profile as the football team? Thanks to Twitter and Facebook and texting and every other means of mass communication at regular people’s disposal, we feel like we can speak our minds about everything that’s on our minds. Obviously we can say what we want, free country, democracy and all that, but there’s a huge difference between having an opinion and having a say.

Actor Seth Rogan wrote a sever message on Twitter calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell names and demanding he be fired. Why does a crappy actor think he knows the details of the NFL discipline policies enough to demand anything? Obviously he doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop him or Kim Kardashian or a Psych major at Michigan from THINKING they have some power. Sure there are mistakes being made by players and people in the NFL front office and at Michigan but let the system work it out. If these people’s bosses determine that they should lose their jobs than that’s what will happen. And if they feel that they made a mistake and it’s been addressed than that should end it.

I’m sick and tired of everyone with a cell phone and a social media account (which is everyone on the planet) thinking their input is needed for society to continue. Isn’t there a biblical reference about he who is without sin cast the first stone? Are people not allowed to make mistakes today? We all want to point our judgemental little fingers at others but hey, I don’t deserve to be fired for anything I’ve done! If there is a blatant violation or repeated issues then action should and probably will be taken, but football players get hit every day and concussions happen, if someone failed to diagnose it promptly than fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. We don’t get to demand their heads just because we can enter our goofy password and suddenly think we’re in charge.

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