Cowboys Not Very Hospitable

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After the Cowboys pulled out an amazing victory last week in St. Louis this sobering stat hit me; Dallas has started each of the past three seasons with the same 2-1 record they now have and in each of those previous seasons, they lost the next two games. With the Saints and Texans next on the schedule, history surely loomed heavy. The fact the game was at AT&T Stadium should tilt the ledger in the Cowboys favor, but most of us know all too clearly that the Cowboys home is really more like a summer rental.

The Cowboys were just 22-19 at the new stadium and 0-1 this season. Once again there were thousands of visiting fans in the building Sunday night, but there’s a reason for that. Some may come from out of town to follow the Saints but most are locals who buy someone’s season tickets for just the one game. I have several friends who bought their season tickets, at Jerry’s astronomical prices, just to re-sell them for each individual game. So for almost any given Cowboys home game, there will be 30,000 fans of the opposition. Certainly not a majority but a strong number. Until Jerry turns his team around on the field, he can expect locals to sell their tickets and their loyalty.

AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium

But the Boys were catching the Saints at the right time. New Orleans entered the game just 1-7 on the road in their last 8 games. At the same time they were 8-0 at home. The Saints averaged 34 points in their dome but two touchdowns fewer per game on the road. The Cowboys first half domination, up 24-0 at the half, further pointed out the Jekyll and Hyde personality of the Saints. A good team takes advantage of all the other teams weaknesses, and Romo and Murray toyed with the Saints defense and split personality to keep the Saints doubting themselves. At some point the Cowboys need to become a dominant home team, and the Saints game was as good a place as any to start.

The final score, 38-17, ¬†showed how good this team can be at home. This was a game that Dallas would have most likely lost one or two years ago. But maybe, just maybe, they’ve gotten off of the roller coaster ride of win one, lose one, win two, lose two. Establishing a home field advantage in the best stadium in the league would be a huge step towards becoming the elite team that Jerry has been searching for for the past 15 years. The fact that virtually all of the seats are sold out for Cowboys games is a good sign, but not if many of the fans buy the tickets planning to only go to a few games and sell the others to visiting fans. AT&T Stadium was built to give Cowboy fans every comfort they could want, a concession area every 20 feet, more restrooms than a small city and a flat screen for every fan waiting in a line. That has been accomplished, now what has to happen is the stadium¬†should give the Cowboys team the type of advantage that the Saints have in their dome back in New Orleans…without the withdrawal symptoms they get on the road.

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