A Lightbulb Moment for Garrett

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Do you like roller coasters? If you’re a Cowboys fan I certainly hope you do. Just like the past three seasons under Jason Garrett, you’re never too sure which team is going to show up on any given Sunday. After last week’s debacle against the 49ers, most of us thought the Titans would control the ball, like they did in their opener against the Chiefs, and wear the Cowboys down. We also had no idea what to expect from Tony Erratic. Maybe we now have a clearer picture of the Cowboys future and his name is DeMarco.¬† Murray ran all over Tennessee on Sunday, 29 carries for 167 yards and a touchdown, as Dallas won easily 26-10. The Cowboys record went to the ever-present .500 at 1-1. Next week, who the hell knows?

For now, and hopefully for the foreseeable future, Garrett will take the ball and decision making out of Romo’s hands and put it into Murray’s. The Titans were no push-over, their defense is considered to be in the top half of the league and has been for the past several years. Not Seattle good, but a very talented defense. DeMarco cut through 1410730631000-c01 name murray 15them¬†like Jerry cuts through the line at a topless club. Murray now has consecutive 100 yard games after 2 weeks into the season and is averaging a very healthy 142 yards a game. I know what you’re saying – the guy can’t stay on the field. That’s been true in the past three seasons, but with Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle getting 10-15 carries combined each game, Garrett should be able to take some of the load off of Murray.

After watching the game against the Titans two things have become clear at this point in the season; the offensive line is as good as advertised and Romo can’t throw the ball like he’s done in the past. Now maybe it’s still a carry over from the back surgery or maybe Tony is older and weaker and will never make all the throws he has in the past. He missed badly on a number of very basic throws, a few times coming up 8 yards short of the receiver. After seeing that, Garrett should have no problem letting Tony hand off to DeMarco about 20-25 times per game. The Cowboys offense looked fine but it wasn’t reliant on Romo’s arm. He had a decent game, 19-29 for 176 yards and a touchdown but it wasn’t the 350 yards and three touchdowns that the Cowboys have needed in the past for a win.

This game could be a watershed moment for the Cowboys and Garrett. Use the big horses up front that you’ve used first round draft picks on and let DeMarco run wild. Twenty-nine carries is too many for any running back in today’s game but it sure was a luxury yesterday and a throw back to the Emmitt Smith days – to have a lead and let the running game run the clock down and see the demoralized faces of the opponent on the bench. The Cowboys will have to stick with it because there will no doubt be games where Murray has 24 yards at halftime and Romo and Garrett will want to start winging the ball, but they have to resist. It may not be the prettiest method of winning, but if the results are like Sunday in Nashville, it could be a beautiful season.

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