My Deal With the Devil

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There was a time, just a few short years ago, that I was more than willing to sacrifice some future decline, if the Rangers could just play in a World Series. When they did it twice in a row, I doubled down. Sure they can suck for the next few years, back-to-back World Series was unimaginable around here. I have to admit now that I was delusional, not shocking I know. In the Biblical sense, I was willing to sell my soul to the Devil just to attend a World Series at The Ballpark. Now that that reality has happened (twice) I think I sold out to Satan way to cheaply.

I hate the fact that the Rangers are one of the worst teams in the majors this season. The pennant races going on don’t effect the Rangers, their highlights on Sports Center are limited mostly to the “Not Top 10.” The other night I was having dinner with friends and someone saw a nearby television with the Rangers game on and said, “Oh, the Rangers just gave up a 2-run homer.” I cared so little that I couldn’t even muster the effort to turn around and look.


The Rangers back-to-back pennants seem like a distance memory this season

A few years ago I would check the box scores each morning to see what Oakland and the Angels had done on the West Coast. I loved the Rangers being in the race, each day of August and September was dramatic. Josh hits a 3-run monster to beat the White Sox, Ian with a great defensive play in the ninth to seal the win over the Royals. I’m admittedly neutral when it comes to baseball. Not my favorite sport by a long shot, but when the Rangers were flying high I bought in. I think a lot of other Rangers fans were the same. Years and years….and years of inferior play can taint anyone. But suddenly they MADE me care. I even knew the pinch hitters and utility infielder from Puerto Rico, and I liked that I suddenly gave a damn.

And now I’m back to the malaise that is another summer of Rangers baseball. The word is that Yu Darvish might just call it quits for the rest of the season, he’s just a little sore but why take any chances with causing a more serious injury by continuing to pitch? The field is already filled with a bunch of double and triple A talent. If the proverbial towel hasn’t already been thrown in, Ron Washington and Jon Daniels have it wadded up in their hands and their arms are cocked.

And so, I just don’t care. Lose to Seattle in the bottom of the 10th, get routed by the Tigers, whatever, my days are filled with non-Ranger things. I barely check the box scores. My wife asked me the other day who I think will win the World Series this year. I said “maybe the Dodgers or Tigers,” but I really hadn’t given it any thought or even cared.

I look back and think what a bad deal I made in those glory years. I hate that the Rangers went so far south after playing in the World Series, hell they didn’t even win the damn thing. Worst deal ever.

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