Romo Close, But Not Ready


Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo took part in both weekend contact practices since undergoing back surgery seven months ago.

“I thought Tony threw it well,” said owner Jerry Jones. “He’s got a plan. … I’m glad he’s mature enough, experienced enough – and he should be – to understand his body enough to make those kinds of decisions.”

Romo did not go through individual drills early in the Saturday session, and when he did throw in at Cowboys Stadium on October 1, 2012 in Arlington, work pitting receivers against cornerbacks, his turns came only when throwing to starters Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams. But when it was time for seven-on-seven drills, Romo was particularly sharp and on-point.

The same was true on Sunday as Romo is trying to put behind him concerns about his health. … and even though he came up a bit gimpy for just a second after one cross-body throw, he appeared to have a lot of zip on the ball on the tough throws – deep-outs, cross-field throws and the like.

Jones said Romo’s limited work is to “just not overdo it. We need to have him ready to go (in week 1 of the regular season) against San Francisco.” All of this isn’t exactly the “full-go” that was promised on the eve of camp, but all involved insist there are no red flags here.

At some point in training camp, you want to see what you need to see and get the rest over with. The Cowboys are taking Monday off, which won’t help week 1 get here any faster … but probably does jive with “the plan.”

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