You don’t know everything. You can’t. And I can’t tell you. In most cases, you’re better off. Like the sausage factory analogy. And so on.

You trust me and so do they. Walking that line is tricky sometimes for guys like me. We’re not “journalists” in any meaningful sense of the word, although few are anymore but that’s another thing. We’re company guys.  We’re fairer than most I think and we work hard at that because I want your trust and need theirs. Twenty-five years doin’ this I’ve seen a lot, spun a little, and know what’s what. Trust me.

Let me tell you something that isn’t a violation of the pact; what we got now – what we got with Jim Nill and Lindy Ruff and our hockey staff and our captain and team (all with Tom Gagliardi’s support) is superb.  Beyond superb really, restored. The Dallas Stars are in it again and Dallas is once more an NHL destination.

Jim Nill

Jim Nill is as sharp as they come. He is a thoughtful and sincere man who gains respect by giving it. I wrote about this a year ago for another publication and a year later I’m just more impressed. There is no bluster or bravado despite his impressive collection of skins on the wall. His impact is felt through our entire organization. Trust me. Vern Fiddler’s feelings regarding his desire to stay here despite other opportunities are genuine but not unique within our company now.

Lindy Ruff has seen it all and is honest and plain with his players.  Everybody ropes, everybody rides, and everybody knows it. He and his young captain got this. Trust me.

I know stories. I collect ‘em over the years. Some are salacious and not really the kind I like to hear or tell. Most are innocuous but private; the stuff that happens in any group or office. And a few of all of these occasionally have the added advantage of being true…

The stories I’d like to tell you about Jim Nill, Lindy Ruff, Jamie Benn, and this group – are – unbelievable. They are stories that reveal honesty and uncommon character.

And so I’ve given you few facts but have attempted to pass along the truth. Because even though you can’t know everything and I can’t tell you – just keep an eye on us –  because trust me – these guys got this.

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Ralph Strangis is the play-by-play voice of the Dallas Stars and is entering his 25th year with the team. Ralph is also a writer, actor and corporate motivational speaker. His opinions here are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Dallas Stars or this publication.


  1. Ralph, you are a humble man, so I’ll say it. You, along with the razor, are just as responsible for the past and future success of this team. You make the game accessible and exciting to new fans, and fresh and interesting for those of us that have been fans for a long time. You guys are the best in the business. Congrats on your 25th year with the team. Go Stars.

  2. The high excitement is back in Dallas Stars Hockey. Not to discount anyone connected with this team but Jim Nill ROCKS!!!!!!

  3. I am loving what I am seeing and hearing about my Dallas Stars. I’ve been a faithful fan since the team arrived from Minnesota, but then, I grew up watching the Rangers with my dad. The new young players, combined with the more experienced ones continue to get me even more excited about the game. I never get tired of watching them play. So glad that Vern has returned. Looking forward to going even deeper into the playoffs this coming year.

  4. Awesome piece Mr.Strangis. The Stars future is looking excellent, but without you and Razor, it would not be as fun. You two are the best at what you do so keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the new season. GO STARS!!!!

  5. Totally agree. As a big fan of the Stars from Vancouver we don’t get a lot of news up here about the Stars but I get the sense momentum is building and cup contention is coming. Reminds me of the late 90’s and the decade of dominance the Stars had. You just get that feeling and one day it will hit the rest of the hockey world kind of by surprise.

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