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KInsler prefers to just be one of the guys

Ian Kinsler admits that during the off-season he would wake up and remind himself that he was no longer with the Rangers. His entire professional career had been spent in the Rangers organization so a trade was not expected or appreciated. One thing Ian learned during his eight years with the Rangers was that in baseball one must concentrate on today and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday.

Today Kinsler is a Tiger and he isn’t looking back. So when you see his quotes about the injuries to the Rangers, “It’s not my concern. I honestly don’t care,” don’t take it to mean that he doesn’t care about his former teammates. Many of them are still his friends, they were his family for 8 years. His point is that worrying about the Rangers is like worrying about yesterday’s game.

In his last season with Texas a mantle of leadership was thrust upon Kinsler and he did not wear it well. Being a clubhouse leader is something he admits he tried to do, but he knows he wasn’t suited to do. “I wanted to be a leader,” Kinsler said. “I love leading on the field and in the dugout. After Mike (Young) left, you had to teach players to prepare the right way, I am not good at that.”

Many Ranger’s fans are angry with Ian because he was quoted as saying he hopes the Rangers go 0-162. He maintains that he was kidding and says his former teammates know it. “Are you being for real right now?” Kinsler asked the reporter who brought it up. “They (former teammates) laughed about it. They thought it was funny.”

In Detroit Kinsler has landed on a veteran laden team that absolutely does not need him to lead. “I’m here to play baseball, here to win to help my team win any way I can,” Kinsler said yesterday. “That is really it. I am not worried about taking care of young kids or making sure the dress code is met. I am just here to play ball. As far as the other stuff it is for the birds and not something I enjoy doing.”

When Ian woke up today he had no problem remembering that he was a Tiger. It was just that game yesterday that he was trying to forget.

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