Mavs Need to Restart

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While the Final Four prepares for the national spotlight over at AT&T Stadium, it brings attention also to the next step for many of the players from those 4 teams. Obviously most of them want to move onto the big stage of the NBA. Which brings me to the Mavericks. While some of the best college basketball talent puts on a display in the best football stadium on the planet, where are the Mavs headed? Currently they are holding on by a thread to a playoff spot. If they can squeeze into the post season, does anyone really expect them to make any splash–not if you follow the NBA.

All of the league’s talent is in the Western Conference (with the exception of Indiana, Miami and maybe the Bulls). If the Mavericks get into the playoffs, no one expects them to move past the first round, second round at the very best. While Dirk is still a star and Monta Ellis can fill it up most nights, the tank is close to empty at the AAC. It’s time for Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle to realize the inevitable and start to find some very good, young talent. Cuban doesn’t want to hear this, but the Mavs need to imitate the Spurs wherever possible. What Gregg Popovich does year after year in the Alamo City is nothing short of spectacular. Tim Duncan was almost around to see the fight at the Alamo and Tony Parker keeps running at top speed going on his 14th season in the league. The rest of the cast is a bunch of little to unknown players who fill their roles perfectly. As of today, San Antonio has won a franchise recordĀ 18 straight games. They own the best record in the entire league and are one of the top 3 favorites to win another title (#5).

Dirk is Still a Star

Dirk is Still a Star

The Mavericks need to tap into that formula, keep Dirk around but somehow find those perfect role players while somehow, through the draft of trade or free agent, find their next superstar. Just getting into the playoffs won’t cut it. The West isn’t going to get any easier, not with Oklahoma City and Portland and the Clippers all really talented and young. Nobody likes to hear the word “rebuilding” because you can’t sell season ticket packages to fans or corporations when you admit you won’t be very good for a year or two but it has to be done and it has to be obvious.

The Cowboys have proven that a lot of high expectations filled with very average results only serves to frustrate fans. Own up to the fact that the NBA championship was 4 long seasons ago. If another one is going to come back to Texas, the way things are currently progressing, it most certainly be in San Antonio or Houston. Somehow get Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker or Kevin Durant in a Mavs jersey. Staying in the middle of the pack is the worse place to be but it’s where the Mavs will live for the foreseeable future, unless they start all over.

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