2014 Baseball Preview


The Dodgers have played three games. Arizona two. And the Padres one. The Rangers begin their 2014 season today. Who will be the big winners 162 games from now? The Reverse Barometer makes a few calls:


National League

imagesThe Dodgers seem to be everyone’s favorite pick to win the National League, as well as the World Series. Barometer picks them to win the West, but they won’t make it to the Series. The Nationals will win the East while the Cardinals rule the Central. The Wild Cards will be the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Cincinnati Reds, with Pittsburgh pushing but not getting over the hump. The Washington Nationals will win the National League and go to the World Series.

American League

It starts with the Red Sox and Tigers and then there’s everyone else. Or so it seems. Look out for the Rays, as their pitching staff might be the best in the majors. They will win the East while the Red Sox make the Wild Card. The Rangers and A’s will battle it out for the AL West, but don’t be surprised if the Angels make things interesting. The Rangers will prevail, but won’t go far in the playoffs. The Tigers and Indians will be pushed by…wait for it – the KC Royals. Really. But Kansas City will fall short. Cleveland will be the other Wild Card. The Red Sox beat the Rays in the ALCS.

World Series

Nationals over Red Sox in 7 games.

Award Winners

AL MVP: Mike Trout (Angels)

NL MVP: Joey Votto (Reds)

AL Cy Young: David Price (Rays)

NL Cy Young: Jose Fernandez (Marlins)

Derek-Jeter-New-York-YankeesKeep you eye on: Derek Jeter. He’s announced that this is his final season in the bigs. Like Mariano Rivera last season, he will go on the grand farewell tour. Make sure you stop and take time to watch him a few times this season. He is arguably the greatest player to ever wear the pinstripes. And that’s saying something.



Rangers predictions

Team wins: 89

Batting leader: Shin-Soo Choo, .331

Home runs leader: Prince Fielder, 48

RBI leader: Fielder, 103

Most wins among pitchers: Yu Darvish, 15

Will Texas make a deal at the deadline? Yes, and Paul Konerko will come to town from the White Sox to serve as the team’s DH.

Surprise player who will make a big impact: Tanner Scheppers, who will emerge as a top starter in the rotation.

Disappointment: Jurickson Profar, who will play in less than 60 games this season due to injury.

Thank goodness for: Alex Rios, who will serve as one of the primary glue guys in the middle of the lineup in 2014.

Man, do we need a: catcher. Sincerely, Captain Obvious

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