Ware Will Haunt Cowboys

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By the time some of you read this, DeMarcus Ware may already be wearing another team’s uniform – likely the uniform of the AFC champion Denver Broncos according to several reports. The Cowboys cut Ware yesterday and today Ware will fly to the Mile High City to visit with the Broncos. If team president John Elway puts the full-court press on Ware that he did on Peyton Manning, Ware won’t have a chance to talk with anyone else. The Broncos would love to have Ware on the other end of the defensive line from Von Miller. It would give them a daunting bookend package to attack quarterbacks.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys, the team with the worst defense in the league and worst ever in team history, will lose their all-time sack leader and one of the greatest defensive players they’ve ever had. Mark my words, they will live to regret this decision. I realize that running an NFL team, or any professional sports franchise is a tough business, but teams also have to have some vision, some sense of what’s coming around the next corner. Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to possess this skill. It’s flight by the seat of your pants, all the time. If Jerry had played a little more hardball with Tony Romo when he was throwing $108 million at him last year, maybe he would have saved a little for Ware. Did Jerry really need to sign Orlando Scandrick to a new deal during last season? Who’s more valuable to this team, a solid but not great cornerback or a sure-bet future Hall-of-Famer who’s still only 31 years old?

Ware will be Celebrating with Another Team in 2014

Ware will be celebrating with another team in 2014

Ware had 19.5 sacks as recently as the 2011 season – that’s just 2 seasons ago. He made the Pro Bowl every year from 2006-2012. Only Reggie White recorded more seasons with at least 15 sacks than Ware. Ware is coming off an injury filled season in 2013, but before that he was as dependable as a Romo interception in the final two minutes. There is no doubt in my mind that Ware will end up with a team and quickly be back to his all-pro self and be haunting the Cowboys for at least a few more years. The $16 million Ware would have added to the Cowboys salary cap is obviously a large number but in his eyes he had to wonder, after all I’ve done for this organization, why are you throwing money at guys with far fewer credentials and accomplishments? Can you say that Scandrick, Romo or even Sean Lee are the best players at their position in franchise history? No, but many say that about Ware.

It’s one thing to let an Emmitt or Troy go when it was obvious that they had moved well past their prime. That’s what happens in sports, everywhere. The Niners let Joe Montana go to Kansas City, but they had Steve Young ready to step in, one Hall-of-Famer to another. But which Hall-of-Famer will take over for Ware? Kyle Wilber, George Selvie? The Cowboys compound the problem of cutting Ware at a time they can’t stop a good high school offense.  It seems like it’s all about the timing to work a deal with Jerry. If Ware had a three sack game late last year, Jerry would have knocked his door down to work out a deal. Now he’s had time to think…and for Jerry and the Cowboys, that’s never a good thing.


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