NFL Finally Getting Smart as S***

Posted on February 26th, by Timm Matthews in All, NFL. No Comments

The NFL has announced that their competition committee is considering a new rule that will make the use of the N-word a 15 yard penalty starting this fall. The fact that it hasn’t come up before speaks to a number of things. Mostly I think, the league powers thought that eventually the players would wise up and not keep using the word against one another on the field, during play. Once again they underestimated how low players can go when it comes to trash talk. The league acknowledges that most of the time the word is used by black players towards other black players, it doesn’t seem to be a problem of white on black, that may seem like a good thing but the reality is, if the word is offensive, which everyone agrees it is, then it’s offensive to everyone at all times.

The problem is that many of today’s black players use the word among themselves, almost as an endearment. Watch a Hollywood movie or listen to a rap or hip hop song and you’ll hear the word so often, you become numb to it. And that’s the problem. Today’s players, especially the under 25 crowd, don’t think of the word in the same way as a 40 or 50 or 60 year old does. As a matter of fact, Steelers owner Dan Rooney asked the players in the team locker room to stop playing music that uses the N-word. The players obliged but no one can regulate what a player listens to on his personal headphones.

So if the league passes the new rule, any player using the N-word on the field will be given a 15 yard penalty. Butdsoes the league stop there? With Michael Sam entering the league this season as the first, openly gay player, will the F-word join the list? Will white players want to add Honkey or Cracker to the list? It may seem like an admirable thing to do, but where does it stop? If you’ve ever been on the sideline of an NFL game, everything moves at warp speed. The players, the ball, the words. In addition to watching for holding and interference, referees will now have to listen for cussing and figure out which player said it. Good luck with that.

By the way, as offensive as the N-word is, hearing M-F***er a thousand times a game isn’t the greatest thing for young kids to hear either. Will other leagues adopt the rules? Cussing is a part of sports just like jock itch and greed. And by the way, it’s not limited to the masculine sex. I’ve been around plenty of female athletes who can make a sailor blush. It’s the heat of battle, emotions get the better of people and things just come out of their mouths. The NFL will probably give it a shot this season and we’ll see how it goes. My guess is, the refs will start the season making the call more often to set the tone but by the 8th game, their f******whistles won’t be worth a s***.

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