Woman Playing with Men…Please

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Her name is Jennifer Welter and I’m not saying it like this is an obituary, although a few more practices and… She stands all of 5’2″ and weighs in at a solid 130 pounds and is trying out as a running back for the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League in Allen. That happens to be an all-male indoor professional football league. Again, she’s not trying out as a kicker or a holder or a down marker, she’s a running back. Did I forget to mention she’s also 36 years old and most of her male counterparts are in their 20’s?

Welter says she’s really not doing this to prove that women should play against men, but rather to show that a lot of girls and women love the game of football as much as men. If the attention she gets allows girls football league’s to spring up, all the better. But let’s not be insane here. One of the offensive linemen blocking for her is 6’7″ 320 pounds. Most of the others are “football sized” guys. jenFrontGraphicEighteen are at least a foot taller and 12 are more than twice her weight. There’s a reason we don’t just let anyone race in NASCAR or jump out of airplanes without proper training or enter a marathon without meeting minimum requirements. It’s not, as some would have you think, because organizations just don’t want people to participate, it’s because safety issues are very real.

I’d crash on the first lap of a race and maybe take 4 or 5 cars down with me. A woman, especially a very small woman, should need some kind of credential to play professional football against much larger men who could hurt her in a very serious way. It doesn’t matter whether or not she WANTS to do it or for what reasons she wants to do it, it’s crazy. Will we all feel liberated and proud if, God forbid, she tore up a knee, broke her neck or had a serious head injury? Is that what it would take for someone with some sense to go “yea, maybe we should have stopped her from doing that.” In today’s free-spirit, Obama world, could a grown man decide to play in one of the women’s football leagues, or even a softball team? No because he might hurt someone or it wouldn’t be fair competition. But somehow we don’t want to discriminate against a woman who may get seriously injured.

Remember she’s playing running back. She either carries the ball or blocks linemen and linebackers on every play. Would you let your 5’2″ 130 pound 12 year old son do that? Hell no you wouldn’t, but she’s an adult so it’s okay? I want my son to grow up and know that he could be an astronaut and fly in space, guess what, NASA isn’t going to let me go on the next mission to the space station to impress upon my son that anything is possible. Sometimes we, as a society are to dumb for our own good. The best thing for Jennifer Welter is to get cut tomorrow and TELL her kids and friends that anything’s possible.

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