Cowboys Glimpse into Their Future

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The Cowboys saw last night what they need to become. ¬†And by Cowboys, of course I mean Jerry Jones. The Seahawks are a young, brash team with an older, brash coach. The Cowboys, on the other hand are an older, confused team with a young, confused coach. In other words, other than playing in the same league, the Cowboys are no where near being in Seattle’s league. But all is not lost. The NFL is most assuredly a copy cat league, so all the Cowboys need to do is watch a bunch of film on Seattle and they’ll know what they have to become.

Jerry needs to Copy Seattle

Jerry needs to Copy Seattle

First, the need to establish an identity. If you want to follow the Seahawks then it’s all about the defense. That defense completely shutdown and utterly confused Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense. It’s a good place to start. But if Jerry and Jason and all of the new coaches at Valley Ranch want to keep winging the ball around, then they can go the way of the Broncos and try to have a dominant offense. Ok, it didn’t help them much against the Seahawks but at least the Broncos knew who they were. They never strayed from their identity. It got them to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys on the other hand, change identities like socks. If not every day, at least every week we’d see the Cowboys try to be something else.

The Seahawks are the youngest team in the league with an average age of just over 26 years. They’re one of the youngest teams to ever win a Super Bowl. They are also extremely fast, which was evident from the opening play in the Super Bowl. They also have a lot of attitude. Kind of reminds you of the old…old Cowboys of the Jimmy Johnson era. Young, fast and cocky may not please the local church group but it is a combination for a great football team. The Seahawks didn’t have one player on their roster who had played in Super Bowl. That lack of experience in big games is often seen as a handicap. Not for Pete Carroll, he convinced his troops that they were every bit as good as the veteran Broncos, and they went out and proved they were.

As much as any individual skill, Jimmy Johnson coveted speed. He much preferred the 6’1″ 225-pound speed linebacker to the lumbering 6’4″ 250-pounder that most of the NFL, and the current Cowboys want. Size is nice, but only if you can get to the ball soon enough to make a play. Seattle lives on speed. Was there ever a point in last night’s game when you didn’t think the Seahawks were everywhere? I guarantee you Manning thought they were.

So the blueprint is there for Jerry, heading into the next draft. Scratch all the names off your list and replace them with cocky, fast players and there may be a glimmer of hope that the Boys will be back in one of these big games before we’re all grandparents. Of course, they’ll have to get by Seattle to get there.

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