Cowboys Make Coaching Changes

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Linehan chats with his QB in Detroit Matthew Stafford

So here’s the latest from the Cowboys, they’ve hired Scott Linehan as the new passing game coordinator and offensive play caller. That means that Tony Romo will now be working with his 3rd offensive genius in the past three seasons. At the same time, Monte Kiffin has been demoted as the Cowboys defensive coordinator. It’s obviously hard enough for Romo and most other quarterbacks in the NFL to take their teams into the playoffs. Romo, for all of his issues and detractors (myself included) has put up pretty impressive numbers the past 5-6 seasons as the Cowboys starter. Now he will have to work hand in hand with another guy’s thinking before the start of next season.

Linehan was the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions the past three seasons, meaning he was, in some way, responsible for the passing success of former Highland Park star Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson in Detroit. That is pretty impressive, those two led the Lions to top 10 passing seasons in the past three years. Some might say that anyone could have a top 10 passing game with Johnson on your team but regardless, Linehan did design the schemes that put both Johnson and Stafford in the Lions record books. Reports say that Callahan was not happy about Jerry and Jason Garrett bringing Linehan onboard, but the hire was done anyway. How that plays out in the 2014 season is anyone’s guess. Callahan will remain the teams offensive coordinator. Linehan was the Dolphins offensive coordinator in 2005 and gave Garrett his first NFL coaching job as the Dolphins quarterbacks coach.


Kiffin chats up the Cowboys D

Kiffin isn’t so lucky. After just one season as the Cowboys main defensive mind, Kiffin has been named assistant head coach/defense while Rod Marinelli has been elevated from defensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Like Linehan on the offensive side, Marinelli will be the Cowboys third defensive coordinator in the past three seasons. Is anyone sensing a pattern here? The one thing that almost all critics say about the Cowboys under Jerry Jones is that they don’t have an identity. Are they a passing team, a running team, dominant defensively, physical, finesse oriented? No one knows, and now they will have new leadership on both sides of the ball.

You wonder why this team is so average, how they can finish .500 every year. It’s for this very reason – Jerry wants to show the fans, the media, his sons that he does listen to the critics, the experts who say that changes have to be made for an 8-8 team. So he makes adjustments like this, not so much to really make a difference, but enough to show that he’s not sitting pat. What will these changes really mean for the Cowboys? The odds are pretty good that they’ll have the same effect as the same changes over the past three seasons. In other words, get ready for a fourth straight year of being VERY average.



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