It’s All Patriots and Seahawks this Weekend

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So here’s what I’m thinking about the NFL playoffs this weekend. In the AFC, the match up that everyone wanted, Manning against Brady, came to fruition and the anticipation is exactly what the NFL hoped for. The league loves these kind of games. They have to do virtually nothing to promote this game, all of the media outlets from ESPN to local news, talks about a game like this all week. Brady and Manning have met three previous times in the post-season, the Patriots have won 2 of the 3. After Sunday I think it will be Brady 3 and Manning 1. As great as Peyton is, I think he’s more like Dan Marino of the 1980’s, big stats…all-time stats that will stand up for years, but not always a great team around him. Brady is more like Montana, big numbers but more to the point, he’s surrounded by a great coach and great teammates.

Brady is the Best Since Montana

Brady is the Best Since Montana

We all know that Marino never won a Super Bowl…Manning has one ring in 2007…but even that one was by a slim margin over the Bears and could have gone the other way. Brady has 3 rings and went to 5 Super Bowls since 2001. Most people think that the other 2 Super Bowls that the Pats lost to the Giants, they had the better team and should have won. To me, Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL since Montana. He’s not only a tremendous talent but a great leader. Patriots will run the ball against the Broncos defense and not need Brady to throw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Patriots 38, Broncos 31.

In the NFC, Seattle is playing at home and I think that’s all that needs to be said. They have one of the best home field advantages in NFL history. That alone should be worth 2-3 points. The Seahawks defense is amazing, led by safety Earl Thomas. I think head coach Pete Carroll will devise a scheme that will confuse Colin Kaepernick into a couple of turnovers and while the Seattle offense is not explosive, quarterback Russell Wilson, plays with a lot more maturity and poise than a second year player should.

The Niners have more offensive weapons, including former Dallas Carter and Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, but I don’t think head coach Jim Harbaugh always takes advantage of that. He seems to play it close to the vest in crunch times and hopes that his defense can pull the game out. The Seahawks home crowd actually made so much noise and vibrations during a Marshawn Lynch touchdown run in last weeks win over New Orleans, that it registered as an actual earthquake. THAT’S a home field advantage. Neither team will score much, as a matter of fact I think the halftime score will be 7-6, but in the end Seattle takes this one 21-13.

That will set up a Seattle/New England Super Bowl, in windy, cold, snowy New York and I’ll tell you next week what I think will happen in that game.

*Hint—-Gisele Bundchen will make it a happy ending for her man.

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