Cowboys Stand Pat – Really!

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Have you seen all of the coaches moving around in the NFL and college football? Yea, me too. I also noticed that none of them are on the Cowboys staff. It’s usually a good sign, albeit frustrating, when other teams come after your coaching staff. Ken Wisenhunt just left as the Chargers offensive coordinator to become the head coach of the Tennessee Titans. He also had interest from the Lions and Browns. The Redskins and Lions and Buccaneers were all looking for new head coaches and all of the assistants below them. That’s a lot of job openings for qualified candidates, I guess that eliminated most of the Cowboys staff.

Jerry Jones just put everyone through another .500 season–another playoff-less season and how did he shake things up?  He said he’s happy with his staff and he’ll go to battle with them next season. That’s like Patton going into battle against the Nazi’s using only swords and muskets. The defense was so horrendous this season that nearly every NFL analyst had to keep from laughing when talking about the Cowboys D. Still Monty Kiffin is apparently safe. It says one of two things (neither good) –  either Jerry didn’t want to make the admission that he made a mistake when he fired Rob Ryan last season and brought in Kiffin, or worse, Jerry didn’t think the defense was that bad. I’m happy that Jerry isn’t a knee jerk reactionary owner in the George Steinbrenner mold, but he’s optimistic to the point of delusion.

Jerry Can't See the Problems

Jerry Can’t See the Problems

After seeing how a strong defense has taken Seattle and San Francisco and New England and New Orleans and Carolina deep into the playoffs, does Jerry actually think his group can go from dead last in the league to top 5 by next season? There’s no way, but Jerry believes it so he’s going to try and convince the rest of us it’s true.

Offensive coordinator Bill Callahan was ripped so often in the media for his play calling that he stopped talking to them. One very important point has come out of this year’s playoffs. The most dominant franchise in the NFL over the past decade is the New England Patriots. Did everyone notice that in their demolition of Indianapolis last week the Patriots ran the ball almost twice as much as they threw it? And the have Tom Brady at quarterback! The 49ers and Seahawks each run more than they throw. Now, I’m not saying the Cowboys need to do that but at least it should be a close blend. No one is as pass happy as the Cowboys. Callahan gets the brunt of that criticism yet there he sits in his office at Valley Ranch.

Jerry should want other teams calling to interview his coaches, it’s a great indicator of just how well you’re doing things. Like in high school when everyone wants to date your girlfriend, you know you’ve got a keeper. If you’re the only guy who wants to go out with her, maybe that huge wart on her nose is a problem. The Cowboys have plenty of warts, so many that no one else wants anything to do with them. Jerry should see that and make an appointment for a make-over fast, before there’s no one left who wants to be seen with him.

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  1. It makes little difference how good or bad the coaches are when you don’t have the horses. It’s apparent that except for a few players the Cowboy are average at best. Their second tier players are the worst in the league. Injuries exposed them, not bad coaching.

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