A-Rod Goes Down Swinging

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The intriguing case of Alex Rodriguez seemingly will never end. First Major League Baseball hit him with a 212-game suspension. He of course, appealed, claiming it was all made up and he had never tested positive for a banned substance. The case went to an arbitrator just a few days ago, who claimed that most of the case against him was solid but still lowered his suspension to 162 games–all of the 2014 season (including any possible playoff games). That is still the longest drug suspension of any player in the history of baseball–by a mile. And guess what, A-Rod still claims everyone is against him and he’s done nothing wrong.

Alex RodriguezThe center of this case revolves around a guy named Tony Bosch and his Biogenesis Clinic in south Florida. Bosch has gone on record saying that not only did he sell A-Rod testosterone and human growth hormones, he injected A-Rod himself because Rodriguez hated needles. But it wasn’t just Bosch’s word against the almighty A-Rod, there were hundreds of text messages between the two of them talking about which drugs to take and when. Some of the messages were literally sent from A-Rod’s phone at the ballpark right before the start of a game. Bosch says that the drugs A-Rod took were sophisticated that he could take them right before the first pitch of the game and they would be out of his system by the end of the game, in case he had to undergo a random drug test. He says he’s never failed a drug test. Lance Armstrong used to make the same claim, again and again.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig calls the case the worst he’s seen in over 50 years in baseball. A-Rod, of course says that Selig and MLB are on a witch hunt. Baseball hired 30 investigators to uncover evidence against A-Rod-baseball’s highest paid player. Rodriguez plans on filing suit against Major League Baseball.

alex-rodriguez-picture-1Here’s the real question for the baseball fans – is it conceivable that baseball would go through all this time and expense, and then levy a one -year ban on Rodriguez that will cost him, at least, a one year salary of $25 million dollars from the Yankees, without having a air-tight case? I personally don’t think so. They know that A-Rod would fight them, claim everything is a lie, that he again is the victim. I applaud MLB that they would air their dirty laundry, and know that it’s going to be even dirtier down the road, to do what they think is right. To clean up a very messy game that has gone out of control.

If baseball is correct, it’s amazing how arrogant A-Rod is. Even after all of the accusations of PED use while with the Rangers, he would still go to Bosch at Biogenesis in 2010, to get more banned substances so he could play better and hit 800 homers. Media and insiders have known for years that A-Rod was not the wholesome guy that he portrayed in interviews and late night talk shows. One interesting side note is he’s the only one player in the history of the joint drug agreement between MLB and the players union has failed to testify on his own behalf at his hearing. He stormed out of the meeting before he could.

When all of this is finally over, baseball will be the better for it, and if last week was any indication, perhaps the greatest player to ever play the game will have zero chance of being elected into the Hall of Fame


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