Did You Know? College Football Edition


oldieSince we’re smack dab in the middle of the Capital One Bowl Week and we have college football everywhere, we thought a little college football trivia knowledge might come in handy at a Bowl watching party or two. Here you go:

The first college football game took place in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers University. Each team had 25 players on the field, and no forward passing was allowed. Rutgers won by the score of 6 to 4.FWNAKTQDYTOCTTT.20101020202819

During Nebraska Cornhuskers home games, their stadium becomes the states third largest city.

The most lopsided victory in college football occurred in 1916 when the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets scored 32 touchdowns to trounce Cumberland University 222-0.  Cumberland managed just one pbudlay for positive yardage.

The longest winning streak is 47  games, set by the Oklahoma Sooners between 1954-1957.

The first Orange Bowl was played  in 1935 between Miami University and Manhattan College. To save money Manhattan took a 3-day boat trip to yaleMiami.

Yale has won more National Championships than any other college football team (18).  But their last title came in 1927.

Oklahoma was still a U.S. Territory when the Red River Shootout started in 1900. Oklahoma didn’t receive statehood until 1907.1899-004-5293D7E2

President John F. Kennedy once compared the difficulties of reaching space in a rocket to the Rice Owls chances of defeating the Texas Longhorns.

The record for most consecutive games without being shutout belongs to BYU (361 games over 28 years).

Field goals in college football were originally worth five points. This was decreased to four points in 1904 and three points in 1909.